WATCH: Apple CEO Grilled on China, Disparity Between Biden's Treatment of Him Versus Musk

I reported Wednesday on Fox’s Martha MacCallum grilling NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby about the different ways in which the Biden White House had been dealing with Twitter owner Elon Musk and Apple CEO Tim Cook. When it came to Cook and actions that Apple had taken which would seem to be hurting the free speech of the protesters in China and helping the oppressive CCP — restricting the protesters’ ability to use AirDrop — Kirby declared they were a “private company.”


When MacCallum asked why then was the White House talking about monitoring Twitter when Elon Musk wanted to support free speech and Kirby claimed it was “apples and oranges.” MacCallum nailed that hypocrisy to the wall and also speculated that the “free speech suppression Twitter files” Musk teased might contain information on the Biden team’s pressure on Twitter.

Then, Fox Business’ Hillary Vaughn tracked down Apple CEO Tim Cook while he was at the Capitol on Thursday for meetings with lawmakers and questioned Cook why he was seemingly helping the Chinese government with such restrictions.

Vaughn also asked about the government beating workers at the Apple plant and whether he thought it was a problem to do business with the CCP when they suppress human rights. Cook refused to answer.

How deluded is Cook about China? Let’s listen:


Cook was at the Capitol on Thursday to meet with several Republican leaders because they were concerned over the suppression of speech and antitrust questions about the App store among other issues. As we reported, he appears to have made peace with Elon Musk and claimed there was no threat to remove Twitter from the App store. Perhaps the inquiries from the Republican lawmakers about what was going on helped move Apple back from such a threat.

But the stark difference in how the Biden team deals with Musk versus Cook was on display later in the day as well, with Cook and one of his top Vice Presidents, Lisa Jackson, who had been head of the Environmental Protection Agency under Barack Obama, invited to the high-powered state dinner that Joe Biden threw for French President Emmanual Macron.

Cook was seated at the head table with Biden during the dinner. That says it all.

That dinner already landed Biden in hot water when he was called out by Democrat Rep. Jared Golden (D-ME) for serving lobster at the dinner while failing to come through on his promise to help remove restrictions he imposed on the lobster fishing industry.


This was just one more instance of Biden’s hypocrisy at the dinner: Cook can help the CCP and not only not get called out for it by the Biden team, but be invited to one of the most coveted dinners they throw at the White House. But when Musk supports free speech for Americans and others, he’s made to suffer all kinds of slings and arrows from Biden and his team. It says a lot about Biden’s priorities and what his team thinks about free speech. It also says a lot about how unwilling they are to press China publically when they should be loudly condemning the CCP’s actions and asking people not to be helping with that oppression.


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