Musk Triggers Liberals With Picture of (Replica) Guns and Diet Coke on His Bedside Table

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One of the things that Elon Musk has brought back to Twitter is a sense of fun.

As he deals with all the folks on the left trying to attack him for wanting free speech, he responds with humor and pokes holes in their efforts.


Last week, Musk posted about “Hands up, don’t shoot” being made up regarding the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson and the DOJ exonerating the officer involved in the shooting. He was then attacked by CNN’s Don Lemon for posting that truth, claiming the expression was about more than the Brown shooting despite the fact that it was based on the false claim that Brown had his hands up. A ridiculous effort to spin it as “fake” but “accurate,” as Newsbusters notes.

Musk posted a satirical response that encapsulated the problem that CNN has in general with both free speech and the truth.

He also chastised the media for not supporting free speech, calling it an “utter travesty” and “shame on them.”

But his satirical post caused liberals fits.

Being for free speech means he is a racist. Oh and homophobic and anti-semitic too, according to a senior editor at The Atlantic.

Simple equation: Musk repackages hate speech racism anti-semitism homophobia and far right intimidation as “free speech” & any effort to hold him accountable for injecting it into US society as the “woke mob.” On both ends, same goal: amplifying & empowering far right extremists


Now there isn’t any logic to that. They showed they were more concerned about him posting obvious satire than they were about CNN continuing to try to push false stories that divide the nation.

It set off CNN as well and Musk laughed at them.

It was an obvious photoshop, plus, the community notes also explain it.

While CNN had an issue with satire, they don’t have an issue with Lemon or anyone else pushing fake news, which was the point Musk was making.

But that wasn’t the only post Musk made that is guaranteed to cause tantrums on the left. He posted about what was on his bedside table.

Which is going to cause the left to flip out more? That he has two replica guns on his nightstand, or that he has a case with George Washington crossing Delaware on it? One was a replica Diamondback .357 Revolver from the video game Deus Ex and the other was a replica flintlock. Guns and America, you know that’ll set them off.

Musk apologized for having no coasters for all the caffeine-free Diet Coke cans on his nightstand.

But it still triggered those on the left who can’t tell the difference between guns that fire and replicas that don’t.


That response says so much about how ignorant the left’s response to guns is. How can you talk about guns and expect to be taken seriously when you know nothing about them?

The liberal reaction to free speech and replica guns makes all of Musk’s points for him.


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