WATCH: Hilarious Babylon Bee Take as Californians Discover the Wonder of Buc-ees

Steve and Timpani visit Buc-ees. (Credit: the Babylon Bee)

We’ve been bringing you some of the funny takes from the Babylon Bee. There was the one that featured what may just have been the best “Democratic Ad” ever, featuring Joe Biden. Then there’s the continuing series featuring the liberal couple Steve and Timpani (she/her) who have moved to Texas from Califonia.


As they continue on their journey, they move from canvassing for Beto O’Rourke and meeting the Zodiac Killer — Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) — to Steve learning to like meat and Timpani even falling in love with — oh my gosh — guns.

They realize they have a problem and they go visit a marriage counselor, Marilyn Micklin, who has her master’s in “gender studies” from Evergreen State College. If you recognize the counselor, you should, it’s our own lovely Kira Davis.

After they confess their problems to Micklin, they find out just how wonderful Texas truly is when they meet one of Steve’s new guy friends and arrive at the wonder that is Buc-ees. It’s a gas station but it’s so much more, where you can find everything under the sun. They find out that gas can cost $2.99 if you live in Texas and have dozens of pristine pumps available from which to choose. “That’s impossible. Gas in California costs $7 and Biden says that’s always been the case,” Timpani declares. “I am gonna use the all-gender bathroom, I hope there’s not a line,” she worries. “Oh there won’t be,” the Texan observes.


Steve, who now has to get his meat fix, is entranced by all the different types of jerky at Buc-ees. For Timpani, it’s the bathrooms, “The entire bathroom is cleaner than ours at home! Even since I started making you pee sitting down.”

But then, having tasted freedom, diving all in — even with Buc-ees attire — we’re left with a cliffhanger, as Steve wonders if they’ve gone too far, if — gasp — they should return to California.

Now I can understand this couple, having fled from a blue state to Texas myself and discovering Buc-ees. I confess after marveling over the jerky and the brisket sandwiches I did buy a Buc-ees t-shirt, although I didn’t go to the degree that Steve and Timpani did. But it’s quite something to see the difference where you are “welcome in” at Buc-ees, as opposed to my former blue state where you would be treated with quiet disdain that you bothered a clerk’s telephone time.

They even inspire based comments like this.


Now, we will note that isn’t the real Buc-ees Twitter account, but because it so fits and the company is so awesome, people completely believe it.


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