One Very Sweet Historic Victory Over DCCC Chair Sean Patrick Maloney

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File

During a night when we were, I think it is safe to say, hoping to take down more Democrats, there was one takedown that has to be especially sweet.

That’s the race in New York where the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chair Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) just lost to Mike Lawler. Maloney just conceded.


It was a historical loss — Maloney became the first Democrat Committee chair to lose in four decades, since 1980 when Jim Corman lost and the first Committee chair of either party since 1992. when NRCC Chair Guy Vander Jagt lost his primary in Michigan.

So it’s like taking down the king – it’s a point worth celebrating.

Not to mention, we did it in New York as well, that’s another big thing right there. We’re seeing some surprising House leads/wins coming out of New York, including this one, helped in part by having a strong top of the ticket in Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY). Even though he didn’t win, he came within five points, which is a remarkable showing in New York. So, big credit to Lee Zeldin for all his efforts as well.

Then in this race itself, Maloney was arrogant — telling people to eat “Chef Boyardee” to deal with inflation then reiterating all the lies about inflation and gas prices that Joe Biden pushes.


That didn’t go over well in the final days, not surprisingly. Voters tend to not take kindly to someone that treats them like that.

Maloney also refused to acknowledge that Democrats or Joe Biden had done anything wrong.

No, guys, you aren’t “responsible adults.” Responsible adults take the blame for what they do wrong and Democrats have tried to blame everyone else but themselves for the disasters they have inflicted on all of us.

But here’s another arrogant thing that Maloney said a little over two weeks ago when the polls were showing that Mike Lawler might be leading. Maloney claimed that the GOP was lighting on fire “big dark MAGA millions” but that after the election, that would be “$7 million” that they should have spent elsewhere in the futile effort to get him, he argued.


“That tells me that they’re not good at their jobs,” Maloney claimed. “And I don’t want those people making decisions about my national security, or my economy, or my reproductive freedom, because they’re angry people, using dark MEGA millions to try to win power.”

What are you thinking about that today, Sean? I’m thinking that maybe you were the one who was not good at your job, counting your chickens and laughing a bit too soon there. Thankfully, now Mike Lawler will be making those decisions because the people decided that Maloney was too arrogant to listen to what they had to say.


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