Hilarious: Elon Tells Kathy Griffin How to Get Her Account Back as She Continues to Melt Down

Britta Pedersen/Pool via AP

Elon Musk is having way too much fun being the head of Twitter now and he’s entertaining us all in the process.

Some on the left have been throwing tantrums over his takeover as well as his proposal to charge $8 per month for verification with some extra perks such as fewer ads. Among the people throwing fits were people like Kathy Griffin who decided to get back at Musk by trying to impersonate him on the site. Sarah Silverman and Valerie Bertinelli were doing it as well but pulled back when Musk said he would enforce the current terms of service about impersonation which even before his takeover would get you suspended. But Griffin continued, so she got suspended.


Then Elon responded for us all when it comes to Kathy Griffin.

How true that is! But he wasn’t finished yet, he said if she wanted her account back, she could have it. For $8.

How perfect is that? Yes, Elon is far funnier than Kathy Griffin ever was and she’s the one who’s supposed to be the comedian. Now, of course, that’s a joke. Musk didn’t invent the terms of service about impersonating people, he just enforced it and they can’t deal with it, even though they had no problem with people on the right getting suspended for all kinds of things that weren’t terms of service violations, such as sharing the Hunter Biden laptop story.

How unfunny and desperate is Kathy Griffin? After she got suspended, she then began tweeting from her dead mother’s Twitter account, yelling at Musk. So she’s now gone from impersonating Musk, to using her mother’s account, which is just a bit gross. Why the heck would you do that to your mother’s account?


The way the terms of service work is that if you try to avoid suspension by using another account, then that account gets suspended too. Perhaps she’s flagging that out there, so she can say that Musk suspended her dead mother’s account. That’s pretty vile to play that kind of a game with her mother’s account. But the rules haven’t applied to liberals on Twitter so she thinks they shouldn’t apply to her now. However, she’s finding out it’s a new day, and the rules are now being applied equally. But insulting the guy who owns the site while trying to evade the suspension is not exactly the way to get back on.


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