Tudor Dixon Takes Apart Obama, Whitmer - Shows Why She's Predicted to Win in Michigan

We’re seeing some talented Republican candidates in these midterms who not only are likely to win their elections but to make some noise in the future of the Republican Party.


My colleague Duke wrote about how “The Ladies of the GOP Are Leading the Charge This Election Cycle — and They Are Having a Blast.” One of those ladies is Tudor Dixon who is running in the Michigan governor’s race against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer — the governor who imposed some of the worst lockdowns in the country. There are a ton of people who would love to see Whitmer voted out for how much she hurt people with her COVID edicts. The Democrats have to be pretty desperate — they called in Barack Obama to help out Whitmer, and even he got heckled by two people in the audience, so you know things aren’t looking good for Whitmer.

On top of that, you have a candidate in Dixon who isn’t afraid to take it to the Democrats hard on the issues and have some fun in the process. Like Kari Lake, this candidate has some talent. On Thursday, she let Barack Obama, Whitmer, and Biden all have it for their failures.

“They must be having a little bit of trouble with their base because they had Barack Obama come in,” Dixon teased. She poked fun at how Obama tried to dispute that crime was up under Biden and Whitmer, noting it was up seven years ago. Did he calculate who was president seven years ago, she laughed, it wasn’t President Donald Trump. He must have taken math in Michigan, she said.


Dixon pointed out how they want to pretend the crime in Detroit isn’t their fault, but that they’ve been in charge, so yes, it is their fault. Dixon said she would support and build up the police. She was hilariously mocking the Democratic candidates running away from Joe Biden. One of the people who did have Biden come was Whitmer who was “ridin’ with Biden.” “Get me off that train!” Dixon laughed. Whitmer and Biden were holding hands at the auto show, she said. “Was she holding him up?” Dixon asked. She noted how the media seemed to swoon over that, calling Biden, “America’s grandfather.” Dixon noted the media wouldn’t have that kind of a take if she was holding hands with President Donald Trump. “I don’t think so. That’s the difference. The Democrats have gotten so arrogant because they have the media always coming to hold their water.” But “the people are paying attention.” They understand when Whitmer “crushed small businesses in this state,” people understood it was coming from “Democratic policies.”


As I noted last week, Whitmer hurt herself with a big lie during the debate when she claimed kids had only been out of school for three months in the state during the pandemic under her.

RealClearPolitics has Whitmer up by an average of 4.5 points, but the last poll the AmGreatness/InsiderAdvantage now has it as a tie. RCP’s adjusted poll number is Whitmer +0.8. RCP is predicting that it’s going to be a GOP pick-up.

When you see Tudor Dixon and Whitmer, it’s easy to see why the GOP is likely to win here.


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