Biden's Nightmare Rally Got Even Worse With What He Forgot - and Imagined Next

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Joe Biden has been getting worse in the last month, with the lies and the errors seemingly increasing exponentially.

As my colleague Sister Toldjah reported earlier, Biden had to have been giving Democrats nightmares with all the delusional errors (and lies) that he had during his remarks in Florida to rally the troops– including thinking Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) was in the Senate–and claiming his son was killed in Iraq, but then saying he died of cancer minutes later.


He also mixed up Iraq and Ukraine, talking about the war in “Iraq,” and then having to correct himself. It’s things like this that are exactly why so many Democrats have avoided having Biden at their events, in addition to how unpopular he is because of inflation and his failed policies. If people report the things Biden does at these events that just reinforces for people why they should be voting for Republicans.

How bad was it? Wasserman Schultz had to plead with the people there to clap.

But it got worse.

He forgot what the acronym FEMA means.

How could he forget that? He was just involved in dealing with that over Hurricane Ian. And speaking of that, he forgot the name of the hurricane too.

Just a month ago–and he couldn’t even remember that.

But Biden being Biden, he also couldn’t go to an event without making up some imaginary story. Biden had people shaking their heads and asking if he was talking to dead people again, with another remark he made on Tuesday. About a month ago, Biden was at an event and asked where Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) was. Waloski had been killed the month before, and Biden himself had issued a statement honoring her memory. Yet, he didn’t seem to understand that she was dead at that September event.


On Tuesday, Biden was speaking about insulin, and he said that he had spoken to the person who invented it. This was in the context of talking about the Inflation Reduction Act, which he said put a cap on the price of insulin. President Donald Trump had put a cap on it before Biden came in and temporarily interrupted that. So, Biden took credit for restarting what Trump had done.

“How many of you know somebody with diabetes, and needs insulin,” Biden asked the crowd. “Do you know how much it costs to make that insulin drug for diabetes….It was invented by a man who did not patent it because he wanted it available for everyone. I spoke to him, OK?”

But, as RNC researcher Zach Parkinson explained, that would be a pretty neat trick if Biden spoke to the “inventor of insulin.”


They all died by 1978.

According to the American Diabetes Association:

In 1921, a young surgeon named Frederick Banting and his assistant Charles Best figured out how to remove insulin from a dog’s pancreas. Skeptical colleagues said the stuff looked like “thick brown muck,” but little did they know this would lead to life and hope for millions of people with diabetes.

With this murky concoction, Banting and Best kept another dog with severe diabetes alive for 70 days—the dog died only when there was no more extract. With this success, the researchers, along with the help of colleagues J.B. Collip and John Macleod, went a step further. A more refined and pure form of insulin was developed, this time from the pancreases of cattle. [….]

In 1923, Banting and Macleod received the Nobel Prize in Medicine, which they shared with Best and Collip.

Parkinson noted it wasn’t a slip of the tongue, that Biden said this on Friday, as well at another Democratic event.

If Biden is talking about the guys who had a reluctance to patent, both of those guys were dead before Biden was born in 1942.


So again, unless he’s speaking to dead people, the chances this story is true are about as likely that he was an 18-wheeler truck driver, a civil rights activist, and a full professor. This is the guy who has the nuclear codes. That’s a truly worrisome thought. We’re way past the time for the 25th Amendment.


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