Kamala Reveals the Thing That Makes Her 'Most Excited' About the Inflation Reduction Act

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Ah, Kamala Harris. What would we do without her frequent words of wisdom? Today’s word is “school bus.”

Harris was doing an event where she was asked about the Inflation Reduction Act. She was asked one heck of a softball question with a lot of sucking up thrown in, “What are some of parts of the Inflation Reduction Act — this amazing new law that you are most excited about?”


Now, it’s the Inflation Reduction Act. So she’s going to point to all the things it’s going to do to help reduce inflation and help the American people, right? Not so much.

“I mean so much, so much,” Kamala said as she stalled for time to think. Then she looked down and checked her notes, then declared this wonder of wonders, “I have a particular fondness, I must tell you, for electric school buses. I love electric school buses!”

She’s so excited about it, she has to read from her notes. Come on, man. But what do electric school buses have to do with reducing inflation? Answer: nothing, because the Inflation Reduction Act isn’t about reducing inflation. It’s a fake name for a warmed-over Green New Deal-lite, and the spending on it is likely to increase inflation not reduce it.

It also doesn’t sound like the bus drivers are as in love with it as much as Kamala. Of course, they’re not wedded to a silly political agenda, they care about practicality and what works.


They asked Harris another question that should have had a lay-up response.

“What are some of the climate actions that the administration has taken that folks may not know so much about?” the interviewer asked. Okay, so that’s the thing they care about and that’s what the Inflation Reduction Act is about, so Kamala should have something at the tip of her tongue. Again, not so much.

“A lot of it has to do with a real intentionality that we have to re-shift industries,” Harris says. Um, what? Why does she have such trouble saying anything concrete? No wonder she lost the presidential race, it’s not just that she has horrible policies, it’s that she can’t even communicate what those policies are. If I can sort through the muck that she left out there, it sounds to me like she’s saying they want to do a lot of “investing” (translate: a lot more spending to make inflation worse) to direct industries to implement their political agenda. Nothing like a little more taking over of industry to gain control and get what they want.


As Harris responds, saying nothing of real substance, the two interviewers are there, nodding vigorously and in unison.

But for most other Americans, it’s not working; there’s no rehabilitating whatever Kamala’s issues are. The new speechwriter isn’t helping. This is why her approval level is as bad as Joe Biden’s. But this may be why some are hesitant to pull the 25th Amendment out of the box on Joe Biden.


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