Biden Team Doing All It Can to Buy Election with Latest Move

Gas prices have been going up again, even as the Biden team tells us ridiculous stories of how much they’re saving us on gas. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed on Tuesday that they were saving us $420 million a day.


At this point, they’re just making up numbers and pulling them out of the air. That takes some kind of gall to claim since we’re still paying far more for gas than when Joe Biden came in. They think we have 15-second memories and don’t remember?

But if that were true, why is Joe Biden still ripping off our Strategic Petroleum Reserve?

Biden will announce that he’s going to swipe more from the Reserve on Wednesday, up to 15 million barrels, extending the releases he’s been doing through December. Not only that, Biden adviser Amos Hochstein indicated that they might continue to do more as needed.

It’s ridiculous and it’s compromising our security, driving down the Reserve to the lowest level in forty years.


They claim they’re going to replenish it by spending more money after driving it down.

This is blatantly about vote buying. We’ve seen them doing all they could to blunt the effect of gas prices on the election, including trying to get Saudi Arabia to delay the OPEC+ production cut so it wouldn’t have an effect on the election.

At this point, the Biden team has shown they have no shame and will do anything to help the Democrats in the midterms. It’s always and only about holding onto their power, regardless of the consequences to Americans and the country.


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