Tim Allen Sends the Left Into a Tizzy When He Takes on the 'Woke'

Actor Tim Allen is not your typical Hollywood actor. One of the things that sets him apart is that unlike many in Hollywood, he’s not afraid to be funny about folks on the left. He went viral last month with a tweet that took on Joe Biden’s disastrous interview on “60 Minutes.”


“Biden was on 60 minutes. I heard he asked how long the show was,” Allen wrote. As we noted at the time, that was funny and a classic political joke, but it sent the left into a tizzy. It says something about where we are when that little tweet so upset them.

On Monday, Allen set the left off again, this time taking on the “woke.”

“Who is the face of woke,” Allen asked. “Do wokees have a club house in someone’s backyard or maybe a cute yet safe playpen somewhere?”

To folks on the right, “woke” means folks on the left who are intolerant and want to shut down any views other than their liberal/leftist views. No one must be allowed to challenge their narrative, the world must be a safe space where only their ideas are allowed. Allen nailed that pretty well.

Again, just like with the Biden tweet, it was pretty mild as a joke.

Yet people on the left responding attacked him as “irrelevant” and “washed up,” even calling him a racist.


One claimed “woke” was about “respect” and then took a shot at Allen’s intelligence. Some respect.

Having a different political opinion gets you canceled and breaks an adult’s heart.

Talk about intolerance. How would these folks deal with neighbors who have Trump signs on their lawns?

There was even this wild tweet about “right wing terror campaigns.” What the heck?

Sounds like they all pretty much proved the point of the tweet. They talk about intolerance, but then they are the most intolerant people in response.


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