Fetterman Gets Confused About 'Work,' Reveals the Deeper Problem

(AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

People on the left are trying all kinds of spin to justify continuing to push John Fetterman for the Senate seat in Pennsylvania. Here was one ridiculous example:


But Fetterman himself just keeps flagging why that push is so wrong, and why he should not be running for office in addition to his bad record on the issues. He has a common line during the brief remarks that he gives about “sending him to D.C.” but he had trouble even delivering that and it wasn’t clear that he even understood how he messed it up.

“Send me to Washington, D.C. to take on — to make sure I push back against work to work,” Fetterman haltingly said. One person did a “woot” but even Fetterman’s audience seemed to know that wasn’t a moment to clap or cheer. He isn’t up to the job. He needs to take time to recover, not be running for Senate. As MSNBC journalist Dasha Burns reported, he had trouble even doing small talk with her as they were setting up for the interview and it wasn’t clear he understood what was being said. That should be a big flashing red alert for anyone who would vote for Fetterman. Folks on the left attacked her for saying it, but you can’t get around the truth that there’s a big problem here, whether Democrats want to admit it or not.


I think he was trying to say “right to work” — so in addition to not being able to communicate it, he also has a bad policy take with that comment.

But as some noted, maybe it wasn’t a slip-up, because he does have issues with work. While his opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, became a cardiothoracic surgeon, taught medicine, got an MBA from Wharton, and had a TV show, Fetterman was living off his parents until he was 49. Even in the two “jobs” he had after that point — Mayor of Braddock and Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania — Fetterman reportedly had difficulty showing up for work, missing a third of the meetings. He even got called out by the former borough president in Braddock for claiming credit for work done there that the president said he hadn’t done. When he left Braddock, he left it a mess. Crime got worse under him, perhaps not a surprising result, given his soft-on-crime positions. But that’s the wrong take for Pennsylvania.

Dems don’t care how much they hurt the country when they push folks who shouldn’t be running like Fetterman and Joe Biden. All they care about is getting them over the line in November. Then we have to deal with the consequences of that action, as we see with Joe Biden. The whole country is suffering for that now. Given the battle for the Senate, the race in Pennsylvania is not just critical for the state, but critical for the country. We need someone who can do the job and that isn’t Fetterman.



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