Peter Doocy Exposes the Dishonesty and Folly of WH Approach on Gas Prices

Gas prices have been creeping back up again in many areas. But this is putting a crimp in the narrative being pushed by Joe Biden, that he was responsible for gas prices going down. Not because he worked on our energy independence or increased our oil production, but he claimed credit because he ripped off our Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which is only supposed to be for emergencies, not to help Biden and the Democrats in the midterms. As though it was a good thing to rip it off–that’s the most astounding thing about their claim, rather than making real change to their bad energy policies.


So Fox’s Peter Doocy had a great question for White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. If they’ve been claiming they’re responsible for bringing gas prices down, are they also responsible for driving them back up? If you follow through on their claim, that would seem to be the logical progression.

But Jean-Pierre claimed it was “a lot more nuanced than that.” Translation: I have no answer now that we’ve been hoisted by our lie. If it goes up, it’s the fault of greedy oil companies and Vladimir Putin; if it goes down, it’s all to our credit (whether we had anything to do with it or not). Emptying the Reserve isn’t a “strategy”; it’s a flashing alert sign that you’re not producing more or making us energy independent while draining our savings.

Even as Doocy laid out examples of prices creeping back up, KJP treated that as though it was inconsequential, claiming Doocy was “pulling out” areas. She claimed prices going down were “real savings.”


So, too bad you folks in those areas where it is going back up. Your suffering doesn’t matter.

But,the gas is still at least $1.40 more than when Biden came into office because of his bad approach. Yet, they want to claim credit for that? They still are costing us hundreds more every month with the rising prices of everything else because of Bidenflation. But, they’re trying to gaslight on gas?

Doocy finally asked her what happened to Joe Biden’s going to Saudi Arabia — hat in hand — begging for them to pump more oil? He even fist-bumped Mohammed bin Salman, after calling Saudi Arabia a pariah.


Jean-Pierre claimed with a straight face that he didn’t go there about oil, but about America’s position in the world. Does she know that we have video and more than 15-second memories? Let’s roll the tape.

Sure sounded like Joe Biden was talking about oil and trying to convince us that he’d done something productive with this trip toward that end. But he made things worse, with the Saudis accusing him of lying after the trip.

Here’s the reality now.

Unhappily for Democrats (and all Americans) OPEC+ is meeting this week and is reportedly set to cut oil production more than one million barrels per day in order to boost prices. If OPEC+ follows through on what the Wall Street Journal describes as its “most drastic reduction of production since the pandemic”, it will offset Biden’s SPR withdrawals and push oil prices higher.

Here at home, rising oil and gasoline prices would fuel already-high inflation, forcing the Federal Reserve to press ahead with even more interest rate hikes, thus weakening our economy and our stock market.

So because Joe Biden is a fool, we’re about to get hit with even more of a price hike. That’s why the White House has reportedly decided to continue emptying the reserves past the election. That’s going to drive inflation up even more.


I hope voters have been following along with all this. There are so many reasons to toss the Democrats out on their ears. But what Joe Biden and the Democrats have done, by harming our country and our energy independence with their anti-energy policies, has to be one of the top reasons.


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