Left Flips Out, Fantasizes About Arrest Over Pics of Trump at Dulles Airport

Ah, what would the left be without their nutty conspiracy theories?

They’ve been stoking hatred against President Donald Trump for so long, and they so wish to see him locked up, they’re imagining things and making things up out of whole cloth. That’s especially so after the raid on his home as well as reported raids and subpoenas being dropped on his allies.


A trip that Trump took with very little fanfare into Dulles Airport on Sunday had them talking and “Trump in D.C.” trending on Twitter.

That got a ton of them talking imagining he’d been pulled off the golf course, imagining that he’d been arrested because they imagined him wearing golf shoes. Was he wearing golf shoes? It’s hard to tell.

They certainly can “hop” but they’re likely to be disappointed.

The full video shows that most of this was nonsense. He was wearing the tan jacket, and walked off the plane himself, holding what looked like a red hat (Make America Great Again?) in his hand. So no, he didn’t have his hands behind his back either.

The man who took the video was Andrew Leyden and had any of the people on the left listened through to the end of his Youtube account of his video, they might have had a clue to where Trump was going.

Leyden said he thought that Trump was heading up his golf course. Trump has a golf course in Sterling, Virginia which is north of Dulles.


Others who were sane noted that there is an America First Policy Institute event for the second anniversary of the signing of the Abraham Accords scheduled for Sept. 12. It would seem logical that he might be in the area to be a guest at that event. Although he isn’t mentioned, they note “special guests.”

Occam’s razor. But why think that when you can imagine all kinds of nutty things that fit your narrative?

It’s both hilarious and kind of sad that this is how the left has disintegrated to this level. But this is what the unprecedented and Stalinist efforts against Trump are stoking — a mania on their side of the aisle. They spend more time talking about and obsessing over Trump than any supporter of his does. Talk about a cult.


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