WATCH: Charlie Crist's Hilarious Response to Whether He Wants Joe Biden to Campaign for Him

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I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all seen a lot of craven politicians in our time. Unfortunately, there are a lot out there — those who will do or say anything to get and hold power.


But even when he was a Republican, Charlie Crist — the character who just won the Democratic primary in Florida for the gubernatorial race — was one of a kind. I think it’s safe to say that he has a very high opinion of himself, not based on much. But he also seems to know when to open his mouth and insert his foot. He did it at least a couple of times on Tuesday.

First, as we previously reported, Crist insulted who knows how many Floridians and told them he didn’t want their vote.

Strange way to try to win an election. It’s like Hillary Clinton and her “deplorable” moment. Why does anyone think it’s a good idea to insult the voters?

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Rapid Response Director Christina Pushaw had a great response.

But Crist wasn’t finished with stepping in it with that remark. In further evidence of how clueless he is, Crist gave a truly hilarious answer about what he thought about Joe Biden coming down to campaign for him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a suck-up job in my life.


“Absolutely,” Crist said. “Listen, look, what Joe Biden—President Biden, forgive me—has done for our country, he’s been exceptional. Look what he’s done for the world. I mean, what’s happening in Ukraine—him bringing NATO together, new members to NATO, Finland, Sweden—it’s remarkable, the EU, I mean, what other president could’ve done what he’s done?

And he just kept going:

“He’s been phenomenal. Gas prices are down, inflations is trending down, and democracy is trending up,” Crist continued. “He’s a good man, he’s a great man, he’s a great president. I can’t wait for him to get down here. I need his help. I want his help. He’s the best I’ve ever met.”

Crist even claimed that Biden had once offered him his lunch, “Thank God Joe Biden is President of the United States, thank God for that.”

It was too much, even for the CNN host who laughed at how much Crist was sucking up to Joe Biden. But notice that she doesn’t push back when Crist lies about DeSantis not wanting black people to vote.

Just like with Crist’s first comment, his comment about Biden isn’t a very good strategy for winning in Florida, which right now truly despises him. Biden has dismal approval ratings in Florida, like the rest of the country.


Running on Biden being the greatest thing since sliced bread is roughly the equivalent of putting a dagger right through the heart of your campaign.

So what’s going on here with Crist? I think this is quite craven — I think he knows he’s going to get wiped out by DeSantis. Even his adviser admitted him winning is as likely as winning the Powerball.

Crist’s comments are the bid for getting a Cabinet position or other high position in the White House in the shake-up that’s going to be coming after the midterms. But it says a lot that he already knows the race is over.


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