WATCH: The Difference Between Texas National Guard and Biden's Border Patrol in One Stark Video

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

The Texas National Guard has been doing all they can to help stop the massive influx of illegal aliens across the border under Operation Lone Star. That’s the effort by Texas to make up for the failure of Joe Biden to stop the flood. Biden’s team has handcuffed the Border Patrol from doing its job. The numbers coming in are astronomical.


But if it wasn’t clear what the purpose of the Biden team is, the actions of Biden’s Border Patrol on Wednesday made the aims explicit.

The Texas National Guard locked the gate which was on private property in the Del Rio sector to prevent illegal aliens from coming across. The aliens began backing up on the other side of the gate but the Guard would not let them in. Fox’s Bill Melugin captured what happened next when the Border Patrol showed up. The Border Patrol then unlocked the gate and let all the illegal aliens in.

The new thing here, as Melugin notes, is Texas locking the gate.


So while Texas is trying to protect the border, the very people who are supposed to be protecting the border are letting illegal aliens in. They’ve been ordered to just let anyone in, even as Texas tries to keep them out. This is open borders, there’s no other way around it — at the behest of the Biden Administration.

According to Townhall’s Julio Rosas:

While members of the Texas National Guard are augmenting Texas state troopers who have been deployed to the southern border under Operation Lone Star, they do not have the final authority to prevent illegal entry as that job falls under Border Patrol’s jurisdiction. That is not to say the Texas National Guard hasn’t made attempts to stop the flow of illegal crossings, but they are only legally authorized to do so much.

The Biden Administration is just letting everyone in and releasing them into the interior.

While some are returned under the still-ongoing Title 42 public health order, the majority of migrants are instead released into the U.S. for their immigration hearings, which can take years. Of the 199,976 encounters in July, only 74,573 resulted in a Title 42 expulsions.


The comparison between the two actions was stark, as Gov. Greg Abbott observed.

Virtually none of these people would qualify for asylum under our traditional understanding of the term. But under Biden, they’re let in, regardless. Abbott should ship every one of them straight to D.C. to Joe Biden until Biden changes what he is doing here.


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