Liberals and FBI Want to Redefine Things When It Comes to Trump Raid

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

You may not believe this one. Well, if you’ve been following along, you probably will believe it. We saw the Biden team trying to redefine recession when the facts didn’t fit their narrative and they didn’t want to admit we were in a recession. We saw them refusing to define “woman” because they’re so obsessed with their transgender narrative.


Now they’re trying that same tactic when it comes to the FBI raid on President Donald Trump’s home, which has shocked and angered many Americans, regardless of their political stripe.

So some on the left are now trying to redefine what happened by telling us that we shouldn’t be using the term “raid.” Because somehow using that term makes it seem nasty and wrong.

It also turns out the FBI doesn’t like it being called a raid either, according to MSNBC commentator and former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi, who is very liberal.

Once he said that then MSNBC changed its chyron to reflect that. No sooner does the talking point go out than the media complies.

This is madness. Anytime the FBI shows up at your door with a large group of people and searches the house, it’s a raid. It’s always been a raid. Just like a recession has always been a recession. Just like a woman is always a woman. They want to be able to go after Trump and not have it revealed as what it is in all its ugliness. Raid, raid, raid.


But sorry guys, it seems nasty and wrong whether you use the term “raid” or not. So you can’t try to redefine the nastiness of this action by giving it a nicer, cuter-sounding term. Just like you can’t redefine your way out of recession. This is nasty and it’s ugly, and the rule of law is hanging on the brink when things are so politicized. That’s where we are now and we have the right to be mad about it. Don’t you dare try to tell us what we can say about it too, on top of everything else.


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