Pro-Abortion Witness Odiously Compares Miscarriage to Abortion

I’m not sure what the purpose of these Congressional hearings on abortion is supposed to be. The hearings are not going to change anyone’s mind on abortion. If anything, they’ve become a window into just how unhinged some of the views that Democrats are promoting have become.


The witnesses they have put forward have been instructive, and not in a good way. We saw one witness talking about “people with a capacity for pregnancy” and then claiming that returning the decision on abortion to the states wasn’t more democratic because states like Texas and Utah were the “same states that are stopping people from voting.” She then refused to answer Sen. John Cornyn’s question on whether an unborn baby has value by saying that a person for capacity has pregnancy has value. When Cornyn said she wasn’t answering his question, she said she was answering “a more interesting question to me.”

On Tuesday, they heard from abortion activist Renee Bracey Sherman. Bracey Sherman set the tempo of her testimony with a nameplate with her pronouns written in pen under her name. Then she described her own abortion experience.

She said that when she got pregnant when she was younger, she drank an “unsafe amount of alcohol” and every day she said she “considered throwing herself down the stairs” although she could and did get an abortion.

She then claimed that she “owed her life to an abortion.”


No, she owes her life to her mother not having another abortion. It didn’t work out so well for the unborn child that her mother previously carried.

But that wasn’t all. She was asked what she termed a “successful abortion” as someone who is “no longer pregnant because they don’t want to be.” But then she tried to tie abortions to miscarriages — a common effort currently being made by many on the left to cloud the issue. She then smiled broadly and said a “successful abortion” was also “when a miscarriage is completed because a miscarriage is also known medically as a spontaneous abortion.”

First, she doesn’t understand the illogic of her position — that if it’s a “miscarriage” it doesn’t fit her definition of a “successful abortion” since many people who have miscarriages want to be pregnant and are very upset that they’ve had a miscarriage. So it wasn’t the “gotcha” point she seemed to think it was. The term “spontaneous abortion” is medically used for a miscarriage early in the pregnancy, “spontaneous” in this context means not induced, from natural causes, so it is not the same as an induced, voluntary abortion at all.


But also, imagine treating the situation of women who miscarry so coldly — with a grin thinking you’re scoring a point somehow — when for so many women it’s an incredibly traumatic experience. That didn’t seem to matter to this woman, the smile was just unhinged. Claiming that a miscarriage is a “successful abortion” is just wrong and offensive to those women and their families who had to suffer through a miscarriage.

Just to finish off how bad it was, here was her own take after her testimony was over.


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