Hunter Shows up at WH Medal of Freedom Ceremony as Joe Gets Confused

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Hunter Biden usually doesn’t make appearances at the White House for public events. But this past weekend, he was at Camp David, then came back with his father to the White House on Monday and watched holiday fireworks.


He was also there at the Medal of Freedom ceremony at the White House on Thursday, sitting right in the front row with his wife. It then looked like he was networking and making the rounds.

This, even as he is under investigation by the FBI for alleged tax fraud and money laundering related to his foreign business dealings. It’s also on the same day it emerged that the Biden Administration sold Strategic Petroleum Reserve oil to a company connected to the Chinese government, as well as to Hunter Biden.

The House Oversight Committee ranking member, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) has demanded answers from Janet Yellen when it comes to Hunter Biden, but she hasn’t turned over the requested information. Comer said the Biden Administration is trying to stymie their investigation by restricting Congress’ access to Suspicious Active Reports. Comer said the GOP is looking into whether this failure to comply was part of an effort to “shield Hunter Biden and potentially [Joe] Biden from scrutiny.” Comer said they’d given a deadline for the information for June 8, 2022, but they haven’t received the information yet.


Now, it may have been that Hunter being there made Joe nervous or it may have been just another ordinary, confused Thursday for Joe Biden, but he tripped all over himself again during the ceremony. We noted how he seemed to struggle with putting the medal on the neck of Megan Rapinoe.

But he also seemed confused once again about who was supposed to be occupying the White House. “I want to thank the vice president…and the second gentleman for allowing us to join them,” Biden said.

Doesn’t he know who lives in the White House? It doesn’t seem like it.

During the ceremony, Biden said that everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect.

That’s true. Unfortunately, that came at the same time as a report that he doesn’t always treat people that way–and we already know that Joe doesn’t do that. We’ve seen him curse voters, even call them fat, liars, or a dog-faced pony soldier.


Then, as Biden also noted Thursday, people are telling him what to do. “I wasn’t going to do this they told me not to, but I’m gonna do it anyway. I’m tell a story,” Biden said.

He then began to tell a story about meeting “Pope John.” He then has to correct himself to say “Pope Benedict.” He met Pope Benedict in 2011. Pope John 23rd died in 1963, so it’s unlikely that he’s referring to him since Biden didn’t become a senator until 1973.

So, who is it that is telling the alleged most powerful man in the world what to do? At some point, we’re going to find out all the backstory. But they’ve put us all at great risk with an incompetent man at the helm.


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