Biden Makes Outrageous Attack on SCOTUS on Foreign Soil and Reveals His Position on Filibuster

Joe Biden gave a press conference in Madrid, Spain this morning speaking about a wide range of issues, including what they had discussed at the Summit. But some of the biggest news was what he said about the Supreme Court.


He started with a huge gaffe when he tried to talk about Sweden and Finland joining NATO.

He confused Sweden with Switzerland. True, both start with “Sw,” but they are hardly the same country. But that’s where we are with Joe Biden now.

Then he opened the presser to questions from the reporters. He had a list of reporters and indicated he had been “told” who to call on.

The first question was about why 85 percent of the country thought America was on the wrong track. Biden responded that no leaders thought that the country was going backward, that the U.S. had the strongest economy in the world. He also tried to claim that our inflation rate was “lower than other nations in the world.”


Americans who are being crushed by inflation know better, but this is a lie that Joe Biden continues to repeat without enough push back from the media.

Biden also repeated his lie that gas and food prices were high because of “Russia, Russia, Russia.”

But when asked about that 85 percent number, Biden also attacked the Supreme Court in an unprecedented fashion on foreign soil, trying to delegitimize another branch of government, claiming basically that while everything he was doing was great, Americans were unhappy with the Court. He called their decision to overturn Roe v. Wade “outrageous” and said that was “one thing that has been destabilizing” to the country. Not inflation or anything he’d done to drive the country into chaos. Now, in addition to Putin, he’s blaming the Supreme Court.


Biden then revealed that he would be in favor of making a change to the filibuster on this issue.

This despite being a strong supporter of the filibuster in the past, saying that it would be dangerous to change it.

Biden also lied repeatedly saying that the Court was attacking the “right to privacy” in general beyond abortion. The Court had specifically said their decision only pertained to abortion.


He said they were going to do everything they could to fight the decision — including working with executive orders. But then he got to the Democrats’ main point on it, encouraging people to “vote, vote, vote,” but not explaining why Democrats haven’t changed it already when they’ve had power now and in the past.

It’s despicable that he would not only attack the Court on foreign soil but lie about it in the process. He can’t deflect from the economy and his own disasters and Americans know where the blame lies.


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