Karine Jean-Pierre Tells One Heck of a Whopper About the Border

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre has not had a good time of it since she took over from Jen Psaki, who fled the sinking Biden ship for MSNBC. You would think that having a boss who’s been in government for about 120 years, with eight years as the vice president, would be an advantage. Biden’s experience was supposed to be his strength, why some people were voting for him as the supposedly “knowledgable moderate.” But Biden and his team have revealed that either they are incredibly ignorant or they’re deliberately tanking things because of their many mistakes, from Afghanistan to denying inflation as it unfolded. Virtually every issue they touch turns into a mess.


One of their worst failures — there have been so many so it’s hard to rate the worst — is the border. Had they just left the policies in place that President Donald Trump employed, Biden could have coasted. Instead, Biden was intent on ripping all that out so we have the continuing border crisis we have now. My colleague Susie Moore wrote about a horrible tragedy that happened on Monday, with at least 46 people found dead in a tractor-trailer from the heat after being smuggled into the country. Up to 100 people had been packed into the truck. The media has tended to ignore the people dying while trying to illegally enter the country under Biden because it doesn’t make for good press. But this was a little hard to ignore.

Jean-Pierre was asked about the deaths while she was on Air Force One with Joe Biden en route to Madrid, Spain, and she came out with one heck of a whopper.

“The fact of the matter is the border is closed,” Jean-Pierre claimed.

“The fact of the matter is” that there are a few problems with her statement. First, “closed” means no traffic — legal or illegal — that the border is shut down. The border is by no means “closed.” But she doesn’t even seem to understand what the term means. How are you in that position and you don’t know what such terms mean? Unfortunately, with the Biden team, it’s a problem that we see over and over again.


But beyond the definition of the term, how does anyone credibly try to argue that the “border is closed” as thousands keep pouring across illegally in record numbers? This is like inflation is transitory, we’re not leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan, and Vladimir Putin is solely responsible for gas prices.

Here’s Jorge Ventura from the Daily Caller on Monday, showing just how “closed” it truly is. He stands in the water as hundreds illegally cross the Rio Grande into the country at Eagle Pass, Texas.

It’s just such a denial of reality — something else we’ve seen constantly from the Biden team — that it got quizzical eyes from Fox’s Bret Baier and Ed Morrissey from our sister site, Hot Air.

Not to mention a slew of criticism from people bashing the lie. But if they wonder why they have such low numbers in the polls, yes, it’s the economy but it’s also things like this — they just burn their credibility right and left when they try to sell nonsense like this.



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