Hunter Biden Responds to Russian Escort Story

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool

I wrote last week about Hunter Biden’s meeting with at least four Russian oligarchs aligned with Vladimir Putin back when his father Joe was vice president. There have been a lot of Russian connections with Hunter and Joe over the years, including Hunter telling an alleged prostitute that Russians might have blackmail on him.


Then the Washington Examiner broke a story, on which we reported, about how Joe Biden gave Hunter $100,000 after which Hunter spent $30,000 on Russian escorts.

Hunter Biden spent over $30,000 on escorts, many of whom were linked to “.ru” Russian email addresses and worked with an “exclusive model agency” called UberGFE during a 3 1/2 month period between November 2018 and March 2019.

He managed to do so thanks in part to Joe Biden committing to wiring him a total of $100,000 to help pay his bills from December 2018 through January 2019.

In one instance, Joe Biden wired his son $5,000 while he was actively engaged with an UberGFE escort. In another, texts indicated Hunter Biden convinced his father to wire him $20,000 to finance his stay at a New York City drug rehabilitation program that he never checked into.

What the heck is that video and what is happening there?

That just adds to the questions about what the escorts might know and any potential kompromat.

Also, why is Joe Biden sending that amount of money to his son, knowing his issues?


But what has now upped this story to another level is that Hunter Biden just responded to the request for comment from the Washington Examiner’s Andrew Kerr who was one of the people on the story, along with Jerry Dunleavy. Looks like it struck a nerve. That may be the first direct response to a reporter on any of these stories that Hunter Biden has made, as far as I know, and, intriguingly, it’s this one to which he’s responding. Hunter had a four-word question for Kerr.

“What’s wrong with you,” Hunter Biden said to him.

I’m thinking that Hunter maybe should be asking himself that question. It isn’t Kerr who was involved in these kinds of activities. But it also makes me think that there may be something even more going on here, even beyond the money from Joe, which is problematic enough.


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