Kamala Explains We're Part of the Western Hemisphere and Reveals Their True Priorities

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Kamala Harris has a habit of spewing out a lot of words that don’t say very much. People have christened them “word salads” because it always seems like she’s been told she has to fill in time, and she just repeats a lot of the same thing over and over again. But the general takeaway always seems to be that she thinks she’s saying something very consequential that you must hear, but she generally doesn’t say much of anything.


One of my personal favorites? The “significance of the passage of time.”

Someone likely told her that it’s a good speaking device to repeat your points for emphasis. But that doesn’t mean saying the same thing over and over again, or treating your audience like they’re five years old, while you’re not saying anything of significance in that passage of time.

But she was asked about Central America and the Summit of the Americas, which just wrapped at the end of the week. We saw Joe Biden get ignored there and take a swipe at the media.

Harris said they had raised $3.2 billion to invest in Central American countries “that are our neighbors as the United States because we are also a member of the Western hemisphere.”


Wow, we’re members of the Western hemisphere? Do tell! She’s at it again, trying to share with us her fourth-grade knowledge of the world.

But here’s a thought. What about first investing in raising money for our own country? How about putting more attention to shoring up our security at the border? She wants to send more money to countries that tend to have corrupt leadership, so it can be fiddled away as it has been in the past. What is it that she thinks sending money to the other countries is going to do to stop them from coming to the United States? It hasn’t stopped it in the past.

They can’t make Honduras the United States, for example, no matter how much money they give them. Although perhaps they are trying; they’re doing their best to bankrupt the people in this country with the crushing inflation and gas prices, while pouring out our tax dollars to other countries in Central America and elsewhere, like Ukraine.

But there’s a kicker to the story that she’s leaving out. While she’s talking about raising money for these countries (as opposed to working for our own country), she doesn’t say the very countries we’re giving these billions to — Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, where a lot of the illegal aliens are coming from — just blew us off by not coming to the Summit of the Americas when we invited them.


It was a debacle showing our decreased power and influence in the world under Biden. That’s the respect that they are showing us under the Biden Administration. They’ll take our money and then snub us. And our reaction? Kamala just gave it — we’ll just keep giving them money, even when they do that. They know — under Biden — they can do what they want and treat us badly, but that wouldn’t stop the money spigot.


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