Elon Musk Leaves Biden in the Dust After Joe Tries to Take a Shot at Him

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One of the things that I think people find intriguing about Elon Musk is that although he’s the richest man in the world, he doesn’t play the elitist game. He responds to anyone on Twitter and shares the same thoughts that many Americans do about things.


Chief among them is that the Democrats have gone too far to the left and that’s not good. That’s why he says he’ll vote Republican in the upcoming election because he believes the Democrats have become the party of “division and hate.” He’s also expressed a lot of concerns about the economy, much like the rest of us.

One of the concerns is whether a recession is on the horizon. Musk has told his top executives at Tesla they need to slash jobs by 10 percent and pause hiring worldwide — because he has a ‘super bad feeling’ about the economy. He said he’s not letting go people who work the assembly line, so it sounds like it’s mostly management.

Experts agree with Musk the global economy was in freefall, and his ‘bad feeling’ is shared by many.

Carsten Brzeski, global head of macroeconomic research at ING, said: ‘Musk’s bad feeling is shared by many people. [….]

Jamie Dimon, Chairman and Chief Executive of JPMorgan Chase, described the challenges facing the US economy earlier this week as akin to a ‘hurricane’.

But then reporters asked that renowned expert on the economy, Joe Biden, what he thought about Elon Musk’s comments on the economy. Now, Biden thinks everything is ducky and he’s handled everything just fine. Of course, he’s now talking about possibly going — hat in hand — to Saudi Arabia to beg for cheaper oil to help reduce our gas prices, when we have ample supply in this country — if he had the sense that God gave a garden rat, and would just stop his attacks and restrictions on the energy sector.


Biden tries to rebut Elon by claiming other places weren’t cutting their staffs, but he had to pull a note card out of his pocket in the effort. He claims Ford and Intel are increasing jobs. Then he trieds to take a shot at Musk, describing Ford’s jobs as “union jobs” (because Tesla doesn’t have a union). “Lots of luck on his trip to the moon,” Biden snipes.

Now, with Joe being Joe, you never know what he means, and Americans often need an interpreter to figure it out.

Once upon a time, a Democratic president talked about embracing American challenges by going to the Moon. Now we have Joe Biden who uses it as a dismissive snipe. Oh, how times have changed.

But Musk has a great response back, taking advantage of the snipe to note that NASA has contracted with his company Space X to put Americans back on the Moon by 2025.


It’s America’s trip to the Moon, not just Musk’s, which they wouldn’t be able to do without his help and his company. So, Musk even has to remind Joe not to be dismissive of America’s effort and his help. Imagine that you’d ever have someone in office who would have to be reminded of not being dismissive of American effort. Musk just leaves Joe in the dust, when it comes to that.


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