WH and NYT's Troubling Exchange Targeting Gun Company That Made Uvalde Shooter's Gun

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The shooting in Uvalde was a horrible attack. It’s hard to imagine the pain that the families and friends of the victims are going through. I did a write-up on the people who were killed and it’s a truly horrible thing to see all the faces of the young kids who were just starting out in life, who had so much life to live but it was brutally taken away from them.


On top of that, we see Democrats making things worse by trying to make political hay out of it — with things like Beto O’Rourke crashing an official presser on the shooting, as well as folks on the left blaming the NRA and Republicans, who had nothing to do with it. Now they could be looking at things that could be helpful — like increasing school security and working on improving mental health, but Democrats are seemingly too focused on demonizing guns and their political opponents to look at such practical solutions. They’ve also actively supported taking police out of the schools, removing what little protection that might exist. You can see that here in one of Sen. Chris Murphy’s proposed bills.

Now, the left is even targeting the gun company that made one of the guns the Uvalde shooter used — the Daniel Defense company. We wrote earlier about how they have some pricey AR-15s and the shooter bought at least one of them.


But the New York Times highlighted this in a story, clearly targeting the company.

They claimed that the company got a $3.1 million PPP loan from the government. So? Why is that a relevant story to this shooting? What does that have to do with anything? Did the company do anything illegal? Were they involved in any way? The answer of course is no. Is it just because people on the left want to demonize the company and perhaps harm its business? It sure seems like it because they not only wrote such a story but they also had NY Times White House Correspondent Michael Shear ask White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the PPP loan and if the Biden Administration was thinking about getting the money back from the company.

Jean-Pierre’s response to the question was quite troubling. It should have been, “No, why would we do that — are you saying they did anything illegal?” But instead, you can see her response here, saying she would check with her team and look into it.


This is the media asking the White House to punish a company for legal action because it goes against their political agenda and it sounds like the White House is fully on board with the idea given Jean-Pierre’s response. Talk about an improper action, punishing people for not being in line with the Democrat political agenda, with an assist from the liberal media. Are we still in a free country with Constitutional protections?


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