Fox News' Bill Melugin Asks Great Question About How Uvalde Shooter Was Able to Buy Guns and Ammo

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

There are a lot of questions being asked now about the Uvalde shooting, including about the reaction of the police and if they responded as quickly as they could have to the shooting.


But some other questions need to be answered as well. Fox News’ Bill Melugin asked a big question: how does an unemployed high school dropout have enough money to buy multiple, pricey rifles and ammo?

The shooter is believed to have bought at least two AR-15s, one of which was a pricey Daniel Defense model that generally costs over $2,000. He posted a receipt for it on social media, which said he paid $1,870 for it, with tax it was $2,024.28. One was bought May 17, the other May 20. On one of them, he also had a pricey optic which costs more than $700. Not to mention all the ammo — at least 375 rounds — which doesn’t come cheap now, either. Plus he was wearing a plate carrier, although it didn’t have any ballistic armor inside it. He is believed to have had more than seven, 30-round magazines in the school and several more magazines that he dropped in a bag outside the school.

There were also questions raised about the truck he was driving, which was also not cheap. That truck belonged to his grandmother.

Now, part of the answer to the question may be that he had previously been working at a Wendy’s, he said, to save up money for the guns to buy them after he turned 18. He told a co-worker, Grace Cruz, that.


From Daily Mail:

She claimed Ramos openly talked about using the money he earned at Wendy’s to purchase guns and ammo, adding that he ‘suddenly quit’ weeks before Tuesday’s shooting.

‘He told us he was saving up money for guns and ammo. We would ask him, ‘Why would you spend your money on that, spend it on a car or something useful,’ Cruz said. ‘I guess once he got enough money, he quit and stopped showing up.’

That raises the question of how long he had been planning this attack. Cruz said the shooter was rude and scruffy, that something was off about him and that she thought he had mental and other issues. She mentioned $4,000, but it sounds like the total probably is more than that. What he had would be pricey for anyone, much less someone just working at Wendy’s. He may have been able to save a lot of what he made, if his grandmother was paying for everything else in his life. But that still seems like a lot, and this is a good question for which we need some answers.



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