Biden's Remarks in Illinois Were a Hot Mess - Until He Called Trump 'The Great MAGA King'

Biden's Remarks in Illinois Were a Hot Mess - Until He Called Trump 'The Great MAGA King'
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Joe Biden goes on the road to different places each week, acting as though he’s actually doing something beneficial, while things continue to get worse for Americans, and he doesn’t seem to know how to make anything better.

They must hope because he’s more or less repeating the same speech in each place that he won’t mess it up. But Joe being Joe, he always does. In the words of Barack Obama, “Never underestimate the ability of Joe to f**k things up.”

It’s always an adventure trying to figure out what Biden is saying. Periodically, I wonder what the rest of the world must be thinking when they hear the crazy things that he says and what jeopardy he places us all in with his incompetence. It’s scary to ponder.

Biden was in Illinois visiting a farm Wednesday when he hit on one of his common topics about how the acreage that burned last year was equivalent in size to the state of New Jersey. But although this is a common talking point, he couldn’t get it straight. He seemed to define New Jersey as stretching from New York to Virginia.

“More timber, more land, more buildings, more territory has been burned to the ground this year than the entire state of New Jersey, from New York all the way down to Virginia. The entire state of New Jersey,” Biden declared.

Pro-tip, Joe? New Jersey doesn’t border Virginia. Any 12-year-old has a better grasp on geography than Joe Biden. And Biden should know better, especially since he’s from Delaware, but he doesn’t.

Then we have the G-7 — what is the G-7? Probably not everyone knows. But Joe Biden has been to G-7 summits. He was Vice President for eight years and in Congress for 36 years. He should know.

Biden claimed that the G-7 is “all the democracies in Europe.” Wrong. It’s not all the democracies of Europe; there are several democracies in Europe that are not part of the G-7. The G-7 is the seven most advanced economies and includes countries that aren’t in Europe. Biden tried to clean it up by saying “North America, Europe, and Asia — they’re all part of it.” But that just made things messier. The G-7 is Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, with the European Union as a “non-enumerated” member. A lot of Europe and Asia are not part of the G-7. That’s embarrassing.

Then, Biden twice seemed to completely lose his train of thought during the farm talk. I don’t know whether he couldn’t see the teleprompter or what; he looked like he was straining to see something. But he just broke down in the middle.

I felt bad for the sign interpreter here — how do you interpret this when it’s not interpretable?

“Last year I signed, one of the first executive orders I signed, was that the competition to make competition more available and level the playing field,” he said.

This was not going well. But he still had another stop to make — in Chicago at the IBEW Convention. While that’s a union stop and perhaps more favorable, Joe’s brain wasn’t anymore in gear. You can see him desperately trying to figure out the teleprompter and what he’s supposed to say, but it’s a complete fail.

But just remember, he has a “plan” to improve your standard of living. How has your standard of living been since he came into office? Not so good, is it? How are all those plans he had for COVID, inflation, and the gas prices going? Gas prices just hit another record high this week, and the CPI was higher than expected.

Then he threw in a lie about “inheriting an economy on the brink of a depression.”

Then Biden followed that up with screaming about some people dealing with limited food shortages at the beginning of the pandemic when everything was shut down, forgetting that now under him, without the lockdowns, there have been more shortages and historic inflation, affecting everyone. He’s been engaging in a lot more of this screaming lately — a common feature of dementia.

But I have to give him credit for giving me a great laugh. They are still so frightened of President Donald Trump, and they think their way to win in November is to yell “Trump” and “MAGA” every 15 seconds. But it only reminds people of how much better things were under Trump. So when he called Trump, “the Great MAGA KING,” I thought it was hilarious.

This has to be a part of the campaign. This has to be one of the funniest things Biden has ever said.

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