Pro-Life Person Causes a Leftist Meltdown After What He Yells at Them in NYC

A pro-life group prays the Rosary at Old St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC. Credit: Twitter

Pro-abortion protesters were harassing pro-life people trying to protect Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.

We reported on some of this on Saturday, when someone who goes by the name “Crackhead Barney” play-acted having an abortion in front of the church and yelled, “I’m killing the babies” and “God killed his son, why can’t I?” As pro-life people prayed the Rosary, she conducted a vile display while the pro-abortion people screamed obscene things at the pro-life people.


The radical leftists didn’t seem to see anything wrong with what they were doing, as they cursed out the people who were praying.

But they lost it later, when one of the pro-life men responded at them as they continued to yell at the church.

Warning for graphic language:

The man appeared to yell that they “had no choice, not your body, not your choice, your body is mine, and you’re having my baby.”

He immediately said that he was joking. But that didn’t stop the leftist meltdown. They flipped out and accused him of being “rapey,” they began tagging all their social media posts to the FDNY because he was wearing an FDNY sweatshirt.


So, they began attacking the FDNY, trying to get this guy fired. But they identified the wrong person. While he was wearing an FDNY sweatshirt with a name on it, that person wasn’t him. But, that didn’t stop the left from falsely identifying the man and trying to get the wrong person fired.

It’s not clear that this person at the church worked for the FDNY, so it might be a little hard for them to get him fired.

But, it’s the way the left thinks. They think what he said was awful, yet have no concept of how offensive they have been with their actions. They think that they can shut him down, but if anyone on the right tried to complain to their employers about how they were targeting a church and people praying, they wouldn’t even see that as wrong.

They also complained that the Catholic Church was hosting “fascists,” so now they’re trying to harass them over having people there to defend it from radical leftists.


Somehow, I’m thinking that’s not going to work as an argument. Maybe don’t send radical leftists to the church next time?


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