Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon Levels Taylor Lorenz With Latest Response

AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein, File

We’ve been writing about the bad work of the WaPo’s Taylor Lorenz and her doxxing of ‘Libs of TikTok.’ But, it looks like she just got burned again and taken to the cleaners by Seth Dillon, the CEO of the Babylon Bee site.


Lorenz said that she had heard about the Bee possibly backing the financing of LoTT, but couldn’t confirm that, so didn’t put it in her story.

That’s when Seth Dillon clarified the relationship with LoTT, and leveled Lorenz into the bargain.

“The Babylon Bee didn’t do a deal with her,” Dillon declared. “The Bee is a satire publication. You know, like the Washington Post. I did a deal with her personally. Also, I want to thank you for amplifying the voices you try to suppress. Your promotion of @libsoftiktok today has been priceless.”


I think I heard the boom he just dropped on her from here. Now, is that funny or what? Although I would differ slightly on the characterization of the Washington Post. Satire, like the Babylon Bee, is funny. The WaPo is a parody of a real news organization at this point, when they have 40-plus-year-old women like Lorenz acting like teenagers and putting out political hit pieces like this.

Dillon further explained that not only had LoTT’s followers jumped exponentially on Twitter, but that her email list had also jumped by thousands.

Dillon previously said that the deal he worked out with LoTT would ensure that she’s able to do this full-time as her job. LoTT said that the left isn’t going to stop her with their attacks, that she intends to continue, despite the threats. Indeed LoTT posted a video of Lorenz, showing how hypocritical Lorenz is about doxxing and harassment.


So, it looks like it’s a full-on fail for Lorenz, even as she tries to cast around in the backlash and try to save face from being completely at fault here. She couldn’t have helped spread the word of the Libs of TikTok account more if she tried, even while she was trying to be evil to her. Now even more light will be shown on the radical left. No wonder they don’t like that.


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