Biden Loses It, Snaps at a Reporter in Brussels, May Have Just Leaked Critical Information

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Joe Biden was in Brussels on Thursday for a NATO meeting on the Russian war against Ukraine and the concerns that poses for the alliance. As we noted earlier, he was grinning like a Cheshire cat and blowing off questions, while most of the other leaders arriving were taking questions.


But then, he did a press conference where he had a list of folks to call on, as he often does. But even with the obvious scripting, he still couldn’t hold it together on the world stage–and made an embarrassing mess of things yet again.

Biden claimed that he never said that sanctions would deter Vladimir Putin, despite the fact that that’s exactly what his team has said for weeks about the threat of sanctions.

Roll the tape on the Biden team’s prior statements.

So then, a reporter logically asked what the sanctions he was talking about on Thursday were going to do to deter him now. That’s when Biden snapped at the reporter.

Biden said that they talked about the potential food shortages that might occur because of the war. But, that isn’t exactly what he said. He said, “We both talked about how we can increase and disseminate more rapidly food shortages.” What? So, you talked about increasing food shortages? What are you saying here?


But heads up, because those food shortages are going to hit here, too.

Biden also seemed lost here, when he appeared to depart from his list of people to call on.

Biden commented about his call with the Chinese president Xi Jinping. Biden had been incredibly naive, when previously sharing information with them that the U.S. had on Russia, while urging them to intercede to stop any invasion. China then finked out to Russia what information the U.S. had. It was an incredibly dumb move by Biden.

He says he spoke to China about that, but then said he “expected” them to help Russia. So then, why did you tip them off?

Biden said he thought Russia should be removed from the G-20, and that the U.S. was going to have 100,000 Ukrainian refugees come to the U.S., and would work to ease the suffering of those who made it across the border to Poland.


“I plan on attempting to see those folks,” Biden said about 12:40 on the video below. “As well as I hope I’m going to be able to see…oh, I guess I’m not supposed to say where I’m going, am I? I hope I get to see…a lot of people”

No, Joe, you’re not supposed to say that. Can I facepalm now? Did he just reveal what he was about to do? Are they really so desperate to paint him as a winner, that his administration would put him in a dangerous situation? And why is he talking about such things in advance? I just can’t with this guy anymore; he could be endangering himself.



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