Lindsey Graham Delivers the Perfect Response to Ketanji Brown Jackson's Troubling Answers

Lindsey Graham Delivers the Perfect Response to Ketanji Brown Jackson's Troubling Answers
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Ketanji Brown Jackson needs to have all the Democrats vote for her, if all of the Republicans vote against her. So, one has to ask how her answers are now coming across to some of the more moderate Democrats because the Republicans are doing a good job of bringing up a lot of concerns that might trouble them. I don’t know who is advising her, but I don’t think they’re doing a good job at it. They seem to have told her: when you get to a controversial answer say, “I don’t know.” But, some of the things she’s saying “I don’t know” to are things that are important to know, if she is to be a Supreme Court justice.

We wrote earlier about how she refused to define what a woman was. She said she didn’t know, and she wasn’t a biologist. So, how is she going to defend women’s rights, if she can’t define a woman?

She was asked about when life started, and said she didn’t know. But, that was followed by: when does equal protection start for a person? And again, she said she didn’t know. If she doesn’t know when that attaches, how can she ensure it for Americans?

On Wednesday, she continued to push the position that child porn offender sentences needed to be changed because they were based on outdated laws, and now we have the internet that enables people to share many more pictures more easily. She was bemoaning the fact that such a person could get “30, 40, 50 years” under the federal sentencing guidelines.

Sen. Lindsey Graham finished off her consternation with a one-word answer I suspect a lot of Americans might have, “Good.”

That’s the problem with her responses here – doesn’t she know how she’s coming across with stuff like this? It’s reinforcing the point that the GOP was raising about being soft on crime, and it’s also, additionally feeding the perception that she’s an activist — because it isn’t her job as a judge to change the sentencing guidelines by fiat. That’s the role of Congress, not the court. She shouldn’t be legislating from the bench.

Here’s Graham with the final word on it — the best thing is to “put their ass in jail.”

Jackson also excited a lot of comments when she spoke about a case that she had involving the “African Hebrew Israelites,” whom she categorized as a vegan cultural group, concerned about “healthy living.”

I’m thinking that healthy living is not the first thing that people think of when they think of African Hebrew Israelites or Black Hebrew Israelites. But, there are a variety of factions, so it is important to make distinctions. The faction of which she speaks runs vegan restaurants, including in D.C., and has migrated to Israel.

But even the very liberal SPLC has called out some of the factions for extremism in the past. So the reference is more than a little odd for Jackson to make here, and raises more questions about what she was trying to say.

The nominee is quickly cooking her own goose when it comes to the Republicans. The question is if she’s also losing some of the Democratic moderates now, as well.

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