Ted Cruz and Ben Sasse Remind Democrats What SCOTUS Hypocrites They Are

Tom Williams/Pool via AP

The hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson — Joe Biden’s nominee for the Supreme Court — started on Monday.

Republicans had questions about Jackson’s position on crime and Critical Race Theory.


But in the height of hypocrisy, Democrats like Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) claimed that asking such questions of Jackson was somehow lacking in “civility and respect.”

“We’ve heard claims that you’re, quote, ‘soft on crime.’ These baseless charges are unfair,” Durbin claimed. “They fly in the face of pledges my colleagues made that they would approach your nomination with civility and respect.”


Are you kidding? Not only are these legitimate questions about her philosophy, temperament, and potential bias, but how dare any Democrats talk about civility after what they have done to nominees since the 1980s, in most recent memory the vicious lies that they perpetrated against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) wouldn’t let them forget it.

“The most recent Supreme Court nominee was subjected to repeated accusations that were nothing more than unfiltered religious bigotry against her. The nominee before her was accused of serial rape, aided by [Democratic] members of this Committee. If this process were conducted in good faith, Miguel Estrada and Janice Rogers Brown might well be on the Court today.”

Sasse even brought up how two years ago, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer threatened two sitting Supreme Court Justices — Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh — if they didn’t vote the way that he wanted. “That’s weird,” Sasse said. No, that word is far too mild. That’s wrong, and Schumer still hasn’t apologized for it, indeed he attacked Republicans for even daring to question him on it.


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) also took the Democrats to task over their past actions and how they were particularly harsh to minority candidates if they were conservative, while now touting race in the choice of Jackson. Cruz noted how the Democrats filibustered Judge Janice Rogers Brown’s nomination to the D.C. Circuit, likely because they wanted to cut her off from that step, to prevent her from ultimately going on to the Supreme Court.

Cruz noted that Biden was among those involved in filibustering Brown — that very same process that Democrats now try to claim is “Jim Crow” and that they employed against a black woman.


“If you are Hispanic or African-American and you dare depart from [Democrats’] political orthodoxy, they will crush you, they will attack you, they will slander, they will filibuster you.”

Then Cruz laid out how the Democrats want the process to be anti-democratic, to be able to have activist judges push through the policies that they want but can’t get through legislation because Americans don’t want them.

Exactly. This has to stop. But the only way it stops is to not just play nice and pass people you know are going to be activist judges. You have to hold the process to account and do all that you can to stop that.



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