Wyoming GOP Would Like a Word After CNN Claims 'Influential' People Back Liz Cheney

Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

Ah, liberal media — their delusion is something else sometimes and chief among them are the Democratic apologists over at CNN.

CNN had a piece on Monday telling us how all the “influential” Republicans are rushing to support Rep. Liz Cheney (RINO-WY) in her race in November. That there are so “many” that a fundraiser for Monday had to cap its guest list at 75. That would be about the number of folks in the line at the bathroom for a Trump rally among the thousands, and several of those 75 are Cheney family members.


So who are some of those “influential” Republicans who are going to somehow revitalize Cheney in Wyoming? People from the “orbits” of Sen. Mitt Romney and the Bushes. Romney is the event’s “special guest.”

How do you pretend to be serious if you call these people influential in the party now? These people haven’t had any real influence since 2012. How did that influence work for Jeb! in 2016? I get that some think that influence is about money and yes, there is doubtless money that likes the status quo of the elites coming in for Cheney. But you still have to get the base and the vote in Wyoming. If you think that folks in Wyoming give a good gosh darn what Romney thinks at this point, you haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on.

That’s CNN. This is why you can’t take seriously anything they say when they try to sell stuff like this.

Not only that, but CNN is also raising her as a possible 2024 Republican candidate against President Donald Trump, a position that she has been angling for with all her posturing. “Republican donors line up behind Liz Cheney as she takes on Trump” blares their headline. Who exactly do they think her base would be in 2024? She’s touted by the Democrats now only because she serves their purposes to hype the Jan. 6 committee and attack other Republicans, especially Trump, with it. But Democrats wouldn’t vote for her in a general election and Republicans wouldn’t vote for her in a primary. Plus, she would need to win her race in Wyoming to even have any viability at all and that’s the reason some of these “influential” elites are helping her now.


While they’re pouring in the money to help her in her fight in Wyoming with the Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman, they think like Democrats, just the way that Hillary Clinton thought about Wisconsin. Cheney hasn’t been doing anything to appeal to the Republican voters in the state. She hasn’t shown up at any state Republican Party function in more than two years. She’s also skipped out on town halls and forums. How can she even be considered a Republican at this point when she’s completely blown them off?

Indeed, while she’s pretending to be conservative and skipping out on Republican events, she’s reaching out to Democrats to cross the line and vote for her on August 16, according to Newsmax. What, all 12 of them? How many Democrats does she think there are in Wyoming? She knows that she’s in trouble. But it’s also an indication of the fact that she’s truly a Republican in name only. She hasn’t even bothered to justify her position to the Republicans in her state.

Mary Martin, the GOP chair of Wyoming’s Teton County who previously voted against censuring Cheney, now criticizes her, saying she hasn’t come to the state to defend her decision to impeach former President Donald Trump despite being asked.

“She was absolutely invited to come and present what her facts were, to defend why you are doing this and instead she opted to call the Republicans radicals, which has made people upset within the party,” Martin said, according to Politico.

Cheney has “been MIA since Jan. 6. And what we all truly believe is that the Wyoming seat is a stepping stone to running for president in 2024 and she needs to get Trump out of the way. And to raise money, she’s using the anti-Trump commentary,” Martin went on to claim.


Strangely enough, most people don’t like being used as a stepping stone.

She hasn’t just been attacking Trump, but Republicans in general. So how’s that working for her? She’s managed not only to kill her possibilities in the state, losing a straw poll where she was just crushed by Hageman, but she’s even managed to do in her father’s popularity in the state.

Cheney is going to a bipartisan event next week. But she may find that isn’t so welcoming.

What Cheney doesn’t know — until now — is that a band of Trump-loving Republicans will be on hand to greet her. They snapped up roughly a quarter of the 350 tickets, at $10 apiece, to give the embattled congresswoman a piece of their minds.

“I was here when the … Democrats dragged her father’s effigy down a village road behind a truck at one of their rallies, and those are the people who are supporting her now, that she’s embraced,” an angry Rebecca Cloetta, 66, said over breakfast at a greasy spoon called the Virginian.

“Can you believe it? Charging for a ticket! It’s a slap in the face,” said Rebecca Bextel, 41, another Trump-backing Republican planning to attend the voting event. “We have one person representing us” — Wyoming has a single House member — “and she shows up in town and it costs $10 to see her. It’s embarrassing.


But it tells you what her priorities are, for anyone deluded enough to think that this was somehow about some greater principle.


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