Dem Lawmaker Advocates Very Troubling 'Canadian' Action Against American Truckers

Dem Lawmaker Advocates Very Troubling 'Canadian' Action Against American Truckers
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American truckers inspired by the Freedom Convoy in Canada have been organizing an action to end in Washington, D.C., to present their case in objection to Joe Biden’s continuation of a state of emergency and continuing of COVID mandates.

But Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) is advocating that their trucks be seized and redistributed.

“Perfect time to impound and give the trucks to small trucking companies looking to expand their business,” Gallego tweeted.

Oh, lovely, Gallego is advocating a completely unconstitutional seizure, disregarding the Fourth Amendment. This guy took an oath to the Constitution while serving in the military, but he doesn’t seem to know the first thing about what it says. He isn’t saying if they break the law and are judged guilty, to then grab the trucks. Just if they dare to protest, that they should be seized.

This is where an elected member of Congress is going publicly. In case you thought what was happening in Canada was far away from us, it is very real. And in the minds of some like Gallego, they would be all-in on it. Redistribution to the people he would rather get the trucks — how communistic of Gallego. He doesn’t get that the people who would be protesting would likely be those hardest hit by COVID restrictions — the small truckers that he claims to care about. If you wonder how you get to things like Canada and dictatorships, this is a wake-up call.

But it’s not just Gallego, and that’s why it’s very troubling.

A new poll from Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action finds that Democrats overwhelmingly favor Trudeau’s actions against the Freedom Convoy: 65 percent said they approved, with 17 percent disapproving. The fact that you get that kind of number from Democrats should be yet another reason that Democrats should not be elected in November.

Republican responses were weighted even more heavily against Trudeau, however, with 87% of likely GOP voters disapproving to just 8% approving. Respondents who said they did not belong to either one of the two main parties cut against Trudeau’s crackdown with 74% disapproving versus 21% approving.

Aside from Democrats, the only other demographic areas identified in the poll that cut in Trudeau’s favor are the ages 65 and older category and among blacks and Hispanics. Every other demographic – men, women, Asian, white, younger age groups – disapproved of Trudeau’s handling of the protesters.

The largest difference in approval versus disapproval took place among 25 to 34-year-olds. In that age group, 100% of respondents disapproved of Trudeau’s tactics.

So, that ultimately broke down to 55 percent of likely voters disapproving, but 35 percent approving. While it’s comforting that the Republicans and independents have sense — even if Democrats don’t, it shouldn’t even be that high an approval number. But it is because of the Democrats’ responses. So much for the Constitution, freedom, the right to protest, or protecting individual rights. That all goes out the window with Democrats.

Just a reminder about that “support” would involve: seizing bank accounts for daring to protest, conscripting people forcing them to work for the government to oppress protesters, banning protest, fencing off a city, setting up checkpoints, beating protesters including with a gun butt, running disabled people over with horses.

Democrats are for all of this — and more.

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