Media's Attempt to Spin the Durham Probe Gets Desperate With Jimmy Kimmel

Media's Attempt to Spin the Durham Probe Gets Desperate With Jimmy Kimmel
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We brought you the bombshell information about the Durham filing and the alleged surveillance of the servers of Trump Tower and the White House to dig up derogatory information on Donald Trump for people working for the Clinton campaign.

The story dropped at the end of last week but CNN didn’t get around to writing about it until Tuesday and even what they wrote was an effort to downplay it and pitch it as a “Republicans pounce” story.

Special counsel John Durham accused a lawyer for the Democrats of sharing with the CIA in 2017 internet data purported to show Russian-made phones being used in the vicinity of the White House complex, as part of a broader effort to raise the intelligence community’s suspicions of Donald Trump’s ties to Russia shortly after he took office.

The accusation — which Durham couched in vague, technical language in a court filing late Friday — has been seized upon by Trump and his supporters, who claim the former President was subjected to a smear campaign.

They claim that Sussman disputes aspects of the Durham filing, which, given he’s the defendant one might expect. But here’s how they describe what Sussmann was charged with.

Sussmann is charged with making a false statement to the FBI about his representation of the Democrats, when he shared data that pro-Clinton researchers believed linked Trump Organization servers to a Russian bank in 2016.

No, according to the Durham indictment of Michael Sussman, Sussmann was charged with lying about working for the Clinton campaign, not just “Democrats.” Clinton’s role, the plan, the fact that Barack Obama and Joe Biden were told about it, the involvement of National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan pushing the fake Alfa Bank story are strangely all missing in the downplay effort by CNN. And the surveillance on the servers didn’t only involve the White House, but also other Trump locations including Trump Tower.

But liberal media has largely been ignoring it on the networks. Now, Jimmy Kimmel did comment on it in passing. But how he commented on it was something. According to him, it was a “made up” story from Fox.

“Meanwhile, Trump’s terrible kids are making the rounds, desperately trying to protect the golden goose,” Kimmel declared. “Last night, Eric took time out of his busy schedule to promote this made-up Hillary Clinton spying case that they’re now pumping into the Fox News viewer soft, oatmeal-like brains.”

Kimmel completely blows off the facts of the case or the recent Durham filing. You have three people already indicted in this scandal. What’s “made-up” is the Russia collusion story that he was all-in on to attack President Donald Trump with for years. We had wall-to-wall coverage on that story for years because it served the purposes of the Democratic Party despite being false. That’s why he’s not accepting the Clinton campaign involvement in spreading the debunked smear against Trump. You have facts vs. the lie he’s pitched for years. It isn’t Fox News or its viewers who are refusing delivery on the truth, it’s Kimmel.

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