Freedom Convoy: Counter-Protesters Carry Communist Flags and Cause Trouble

Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

While the police cleared the Ambassador Bridge earlier on Sunday and arrested some of the Freedom Convoy protests who had been protesting there, some protesters still remained in the surrounding streets, refusing to leave. Now, if the point was that they were blocking part of the Bridge and the Canadian government wanted it cleared, it is now clear. Yet, the government showed that wasn’t the only reason for targeting the people — since they are still going after protesters.


This was the report of what happened during the earlier action.

But police are still going after protesters even though they’re on the sidewalks, and not apparently blocking anything.

Warning for coarse language:

Meanwhile, although it’s been cleared, authorities haven’t opened up the bridge yet.

Meanwhile, in Ottawa, you have thousands of Freedom Convoy protesters still occupying the downtown area. But over the past two days, there have been counter-protesters, with some waving Communist flags.

Their organizer was riling them up against “fascists,” and can be seen here waving a Communist flag.


People who know what Communism is like, who suffered under it in Poland and are supporting the Freedom Convoy, had a few things to say to these leftists.

The Premier of Alberta posted about the group, and noted how the Freedom Convoy people ran out the plants with objectionable flags.

Kenney is one of Canada’s premiers who has announced that he would be dropping mandates.

Meanwhile here, the guy who is leading the group with the bullhorn is the one holding it and no one is running him out. They’re all marching to its banner, which tells you everything you need to know about this group.


You also had union people who were ‘encouraged’ to come out and march, holding signs against ‘hate.’

This notice is pretty funny.

So ,who are the only people causing trouble at the protest? Not the Freedom Convoy people, but counter-protesters, who were trying to block the Convoy protesters’ cars and who were causing confrontations — just like the BLM does. They were smacking a car with their signs, and there was a report that one of them swung on one of the Freedom Convoy members. The police had to show up to back them off.

One of the Freedom Convoy protesters tried to reason with them. But the counter-protesters couldn’t stop spewing hate, as he pointed out. They weren’t interested in the truth. Good for him for trying, but these folks can’t be reasoned with.


Now, we should note that the counter-protesters didn’t go downtown where the Freedom Convoy main contingent is camped; they didn’t have the nerve for that.

Looks like they didn’t have any real confrontations with the Freedom Convoy, so they had to bring in counter-protesters to get the real extremism.



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