WATCH: Mask Karen Loses Her Mind at Glenn Youngkin; He Responds Like a Boss

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Republican Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin visited a Safeway in Alexandria on Friday to talk about his plan to eliminate the state’s grocery tax, thus helping people who are currently being crushed by Joe Biden’s inflation on everything including food.


From The Hill:

“Today is about tackling the high costs in Virginia — the high costs I believe are unnecessarily borne by those that can afford it the least,” Youngkin said.

“People talk about the supply chain disruption, but we’re just seeing added costs in the supply chain as well,” he added.

Youngkin plans to cut the 2.5 percent tax on groceries in Virginia as well as the gasoline tax. He has also said he wants to issue one-time tax rebates and double the state’s standard income tax deduction.

You would think with proposals like that, he should be welcomed with open arms by everyone. Well, everyone with any sense, at any rate. That did not include one woman in the store who flipped out when she saw that Youngkin didn’t have a mask on. She started screaming at him, even though she was two aisles away from him.

“Governor, where is your mask?” the woman yelled. Youngkin — being classy and unflappable — said, “We’re all making choices today,” then continued what he was doing.

“Yeah, look around you, Governor, you’re in Alexandria. Read the room, buddy!” the woman shouted.


How cult-like is this? She doesn’t care that Youngkin has stood for choice. She doesn’t care about the real efforts he’s trying to make with taxes. She only cares about the COVID fear porn that’s being pushed.

Here’s a question. If she thinks that masks are so effective, why does she care what he does, if she’s masked? But if you look at the thing she’s wearing, it’s not an N95 mask and it’s not even tight to her face, so she’s deluding herself that it has any effect at all. But she thinks that she’s being the ‘pure and righteous’ one.

Notice the “you’re in Alexandria” remark? That’s supposed to mean we’re “enlightened liberals” here, and we know better than you. This is such classic virtue-signaling, trying to dictate to someone else when she doesn’t even know what she’s doing.

Just to clarify: there is no local mask mandate, nor is there one in that store. So, what is this woman even talking about? She just wants to impose her will on everyone else.


The yelling woman didn’t get the memo about not being a jerk. And Democrats still don’t understand why they lost; they think this woman is doing something to be admired. People are tired of the Karens, tired of the government overreach, which is why you’re getting things like the trucker Freedom Convoys. Virginians want someone like Youngkin who cares about their concerns on things like inflation. Now, at least in Virginia, they have someone who will care — and react like a polite badass to people like this insufferable woman.


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