MSNBC Guest Zeke Emanuel Gets Ripped Into Next Week for Fear-Mongering 'Misinformation' About COVID

UPDATE [7:05 pm EST, 2/4/22]: The article containing the interview of Dr. Zeke Emanuel has been taken down from MSNBC’s homepage. Thus, both the link in the third paragraph below and the embedded video give a “not found” error.


We’ve seen a lot of leftist fury directed at Joe Rogan because they claim he’s pushing “misinformation.”

The real problem is that he’s willing to have people on his show who talk about things other than the approved narrative. That’s why they want Spotify to boot him. If they were concerned about misinformation, they’d be concerned about all the misinformation being pushed on the left, including things like Joe Biden previously claiming that people who were vaccinated couldn’t catch the virus. Fortunately, he seems to have stopped that now.

They’d be concerned about what former Biden adviser on COVID policy Dr. Zeke Emanuel said on Thursday on MSNBC to Kristen Welker about the Omicron virus.

The White House is now gearing up for a push for vaccinating kids under five. Emanuel was talking about giving the vaccine “under five amid low vaccination numbers for eligible children.”

“With the omicron variant, kids are either going to get the vaccine or they’re likely to get a serious condition of omicron,” Emanuel said. “I am confused about parents’ attitude. Five and above, seems like it’s a no-brainer.”

Kristen Welker didn’t seem to absorb what he was saying and didn’t push back on that comment at all, just going on to her next question.


But when you’re trying to sell the vaccine to people who may have concerns for their kids, you don’t help that cause by pushing such blatant misinformation. And you wonder why people no longer trust the ‘experts’ and the media when they push things like this? Kids either get vaccinated or they’re likely to get a “serious condition of Omicron”? Where is the support for this claim? Emanuel doesn’t present any evidence to support his claim.

The answer is it doesn’t exist because it isn’t true. The data indicates that it is not “likely” that a child will get a serious case of Omicron. While it’s certainly possible, he said “likely” if not vaccinated. Omicron is less likely to cause severe illness in all age groups. Talk about harmful misinformation. The White House was complaining about misinformation this week about Joe Rogan and pushing censorship — where is their comment about this?

Then on top of it, not only did he say it, but then MSNBC posted it on their website and on Twitter, without any concern about the misinformation.


This hypes the hysteria, right at the time that the White House is coming out with its push to vaccinate younger kids, and it is deceiving parents about the risks. Where’s the Twitter misinformation flag on the tweet?



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