Biden Gaslighting on Economy Hits New Heights With Rigged Chart

On Thursday, Joe Biden tried to sell the claim that this was the strongest year for economic growth since 1984. They even put out a chart declaring it.


Do you feel that? Does anyone? The problem of course is that this is post the pandemic —  when everything was shut down. Comparing current conditions to a locked-down economy is about as propaganda as you can get.

Biden is responsible for movement alright — the movement of incredibly high inflation, the highest since 1982. It’s why the cost of everything around us has risen. Couple that with the supply chain crisis and the bare shelves. Then you dare to celebrate the economy that you’ve left in a mess? Biden and his people have no shame. Explain to me why I have to go to three stores to be able to find a whole chicken. We don’t live in the old Soviet Union. At least we didn’t until Biden came into office.

But there’s a little more there than just their propaganda. If you look at the chart that they put out to brag about their claim, you might notice a small problem on the Y-axis. Notice how it goes up in increments of 1.0 but then oddly has “5.5” slipped in there, the only 0.5 on the chart? So it visually looks longer when you are viewing it because they added it. So his “achievement” visually would look more impressive.


Not only are they trying to buffalo you on the bigger picture, but they’re also playing funny business with the chart as well.

People noticed, so this was their response: whoops, sorry, we didn’t proofread.

Again, do they think anyone seriously believes this? If you generate an Excel chart, you would have to affirmatively change it to get it to that. Don’t give me this nonsense that you didn’t “proofread.” But then, let’s go with that lie. What other things haven’t you adequately “proofread” and checked if you would put something like this out.

Chart guys were not at all happy with this.

Christopher Ingraham, the Executive VP of Cool Charts wasn’t buying it. He’s noticed this wasn’t their first, third, or even 36th time this has happened, according to him.


This is perhaps not surprising coming from a guy who plagiarized in law school, has ripped off other people’s remarks in his speeches, and has lied his head off from the start of his campaign. Not exactly the most honest administration. But when they do things like this that are such obvious lies, they’re insulting our intelligence too, in addition to offending the chart guys.

We know how much this economy is hurting people. Don’t you even try this kind of nonsense.


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