I Ordered a COVID Test From Joe Biden and Got It in Six Days, But There's a Major Problem

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Back on Jan. 18, I reported on the opening of the website for Americans to be able to order the Biden COVID tests so I wanted to follow up on what happened with the tests. This followed a lot of lying from Joe Biden and shifting positions in regard to tests.


Despite the fact they were trying to go with a “soft” opening to test the site on Jan. 18 rather than the declared opening day of Jan. 19, they already had problems on that first day. As I noted, they were using the U.S. Post Office to send the tests out so they had a leg up by having a system in place that could send things out. But there were already problems, largely because of the requirements that the tests be sent to a “residence” and that there only be one order per residence. What that meant was that if your residence was for any reason associated with a business, you might not be able to order or if anyone else with that same address had ordered first, you wouldn’t be able to order. People who had businesses in their homes, people who lived in apartment buildings, and kids who lived in dorm rooms (which seemed to have been classified as businesses) encountered problems and some couldn’t place an order. Not a good start.

I also noted that they had predicted it was going to take 7-12 days for it to be shipped after you ordered. So you wouldn’t be ordering it if you thought you might have the Wuhan flu, because by the time you got it, you’d probably be better and it would sort of be irrelevant. You would have to be ordering it in advance if you hoped to make any use of it.

So this government system is completely ineffective for people who need a test when they are sick because it wouldn’t get there in time and because now they can’t get the tests in the stores when they need them.


I took one for the team and placed an order for this story. Now, you didn’t have an option to take fewer than four tests. But if you needed more than four, you were out of luck. So if you have a few family members, too bad, that’s it. But it did make it to me in six days; I received it today. I had anticipated it more toward the end of the week.

But I was one of the lucky ones. Millions of tests are reportedly delayed reportedly because of supply chain issues. Millions are stuck in a warehouse in Monterey Park, California, and have been sitting on pallets for days. 25 million tests are also backlogged because of plane delays. The distribution company, XChange Logistics, also has had 30 percent of their workforce out with COVID. The tests that are delayed are from iHealth, the same company I got mine from and 15 states are getting, according to ABC.

That raises another issue that became glaringly obvious to me when I looked at the back of the tests and saw where they came from – they’re made in China.

I almost choked when I saw that. It’s almost impossible to find a test at a pharmacy, you can only get them from the government in an ineffective time if you are sick and then they’re from China? The people Joe Biden hasn’t even held accountable in any way for what they’ve done regarding COVID? So is Joe Biden is making China rich with these “free tests?” This is just incredible.


Here was Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), the ranking member of the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee (HELP) asking if the Biden Administration could ensure that the tests weren’t coming from China and why they were making contacts with people who hadn’t done such things before?

Notice he didn’t get an answer to whether the tests would be made in China. I guess now we know why. Paging Richard Burr to the courtesy phone! They were playing you and I hope you hold them to the fire over this.

Congress needs to rake the Biden team over the coals for this one and get an explanation as to just how many are from China and how much is China making off this? Also, why are they doing this more complicated government effort rather than just not interfering with and/or making it easier for the pharmacies to have the tests so they can be bought when they are needed?


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