One NYPD Officer Killed, Another Fighting for His Life

AP Photo/Kevin Hagen

Two police officers were shot last night in New York City while responding to a domestic disturbance call. They responded to a call from a woman who said she needed help with her son, Lashawn McNeil, 47, that no one had been injured, and there were no weapons. But, when they went toward the room where her son was, the door swung open, and, without warning, McNeil allegedly shot them. A third officer then shot McNeil.


In the melee, Officer Jason Rivera, 22, was killed. Officer Wilbert Mora, 27, was gravely injured and is in critical condition, fighting for his life, with a bullet in his brain. McNeil is also in critical condition.

The gun used was allegedly a Glock, which had a high-capacity magazine, that had been stolen.

Rivera became a police officer, he said, to “better the relationship between the community and the police,” that he wanted to be there to do “something as small as helping a tourist with directions, or helping a couple resolve an issue will put a smile on someone’s face,” according to the NY Post.

Unfortunately, McNeil allegedly took away Rivera’s chance to do that. There have been five NYPD officers shot already this year.

The alleged killer has an all-too-familiar story. McNeil is a convicted felon who had an extensive record and was out on probation for a narcotics offense. He had several prior arrests including for unlawful possession of a weapon. He also had been previously arrested for assault on a police officer in Pennsylvania in 2002, and he was arrested on another narcotics charge in 2003.


Once again, we witness a law enforcement officer gone far too young, with the person accused with a long record. It says something about the failure of the justice system — not on the part of the police, but on the part of the people who should be properly prosecuting and/or holding people accountable for their actions. Unfortunately, New York City has deeply failed in this regard, and it’s deeply hurting the city.



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