The Word Is in: Americans Savage Biden's Press Conference and His New Elections Narrative

How did Joe Biden’s press conference on Wednesday go over with Americans?

Did people buy the lies that he was pushing or his effort to blame Republicans — yet again — for his failures?


Not so much.

Polling expert Lee Carter charted the reaction of Democrats, independents, and Republicans who viewed the speech. Democrats liked more of what Biden had to say than the other two groups did, since party loyalty was skewing their view of reality. But most of the audience wasn’t buying what Biden had to sell — most just didn’t believe him.

According to Carter, when Biden tried to claim success in fighting COVID and on the passage of the infrastructure bill, people “simply weren’t buying his message.” Both independents and Republicans gave him an ‘F,’ she said. “They said he seems so out of touch – what he said is simply untrue.”

When Biden blamed Republicans for his inability to improve things, again the Republicans and independents gave him an ‘F.’ “The blame game simply does not work. He cannot blame Republicans,” Carter declared. “He made a promise of unity. He said he was going to govern by bringing people together, by making compromise. He has failed here.”


People didn’t believe what Biden had to say about the supply chain, now that shelves are “89 percent” of what they should be. You can see the lines charted on the survey suddenly dip with independents and Republicans on the Fox clip above when Biden says that. This isn’t reflective of the experience people have had with the bare shelves, Carter said. They can see the bare shelves. It’s personally affecting them and their ability to buy the things they need. Biden can’t argue away what people are experiencing themselves.

Americans also weren’t buying when Biden claimed there isn’t a real problem when it comes to kids going back to school in person, saying 95 percent of schools were open. Even the Democrats only gave him a ‘C’ on that one.

“The way he pushes back and was saying it’s not really an issue makes people say, ‘You don’t understand me. You seem out of touch.’ And that’s not something that people have said about Biden before,” she said.

“He’s seeming very, very much like he’s in the Washington, D.C., bubble and not living in the world that the rest of us are.”

When Biden tried to push the new narrative about elections potentially being illegitimate if the Democrats ‘voting rights’ bills aren’t passed, Carter explained that Democrats largely fell for it once again. But both the independents and the Republicans were “really concerned that he’s calling into question the legitimacy of elections…People are really, really concerned about this issue.”


That’s good news. That means that Americans have Biden’s number and they aren’t buying this new move, that indeed that’s only going to count against Democrats when it comes to the midterms. Americans look at the lies about ‘voting rights’ and see no one is being denied their right to vote; they know there’s something else going on here and they don’t believe Democrats. That lie is going to hurt them in the midterms.


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