Biden Remarks on TX Hostage Situation Leave out Some Important Info

The hostage situation in Colleyville, Texas, ended last night, fortunately, with the hostages getting out safely. We brought you the dramatic video with hostages escaping and the FBI breaching the synagogue. The hostage-taker was killed in the process and has since been identified as Malik Faisal Akram, whom the media has identified as a “British national.”


Akram allegedly demanded the release of Aafia Siddiqui, known as “Lady al Qaeda” who is in prison for 86 years for trying to kill members of the U.S. military. Siddiqui has become a cause celebre of CAIR and others who have pushed for her release.

Joe Biden issued a formal statement last night on the hostage-taking. Kamala Harris issued one this morning. Joe Biden also made remarks today. See if you can see what’s missing in these statements.

Here’s Joe’s from last night:

So Joe Biden couldn’t figure out his motivation. Even though he clearly stated it at the time — to free Siddiqui.

How did Kamala do?


She tried to skip right over that “motivation” thing, too. But the Islamic terrorist connection was missing from her statement as well.

How about Biden’s remarks today, after the identification of Akram? In some ways, it was better, but in some ways, it was even worse. While he calls it an “act of terror” and he mentions the relation to a person who was arrested years ago, he completely fails to name who that is, talk about the motivation, again, completely missing the Islamic terrorist connection. He didn’t even mention the guy’s name.

“I don’t think there is sufficient information to know about why he targeted that synagogue,” Biden declared, saying we don’t know why Akram wanted the release of the person who had previously been arrested (Biden scrupulously seemed to avoid naming Siddiqui) or “why he was using anti-Semitic & anti-Israeli comments.” Yeah, we have absolutely no idea at all why he would want to free a terrorist. Just exactly what is old Uncle Joe trying to sell us here?


Instead, Biden railed against the easy availability of guns, despite him even admitting you can’t necessarily stop someone from buying guns illegally on the street, as it appears this man may have done. No, Joe, this isn’t your excuse for gun control — don’t even try to go there.

But while Biden was trying to avoid the motivation, some were asking if maybe there was a connection to Joe Biden in why this man who allegedly had a criminal record was able to get into this country?

Even Akram’s brother, Gulbar Akram, asked how Akram was able to get into the U.S. given his prior record. He apologized for what his brother had done.

Jon Feere, former Senior Advisor to the Director of Homeland Security and the Chief of Staff for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from 2017-2021, had a few things to say on the matter. Feere, who is now Director of Investigations at the Center for Immigration Studies, said Biden revoked multiple Trump orders on the enhanced vetting of foreign nationals traveling to the United States and asked if that made it easier for Akram to get into the country.


Good questions. So, can we expect that some of the liberal media will be asking Biden these questions? I wouldn’t bet on it, but we shall see come tomorrow. Expect White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to dodge all over the place on these questions.


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