AOC Loses Her Mind Over Lauren Boebert's Christmas Gun Pic

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Folks on the left are truly obsessed with guns. They think Republicans are. But Democrats seem to believe that guns are inherently evil — that they will walk around and commit crimes all by themselves.


Some flipped out when Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) posted a photo in front of the Christmas tree with members of his family all holding rifles.

Then Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) offered him support with a picture of her own family.

That sent Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) over the edge and she accused Boebert of not being about the true spirit of Christmas. She and Boebert have been going at each other of late.

“Tell me again where Christ said “use the commemoration of my birth to flex violent weapons for personal political gain”? lol @ all the years Republicans spent on cultural hysteria of society “erasing Christmas and it’s meaning” when they’re doing that fine all on their own,” AOC claimed. “When you pose in front of a Christmas Tree and can name all those guns but can’t name the gifts of the Wise Men,” she continued.


She really is losing her mind.

First, she needs to straighten out her grammar. The possessive is “its” not “it’s.” “It’s” = it is.

Second, those weapons aren’t being very violent from what I can tell. I know Democrats think somehow guns will jump up and attack you all by themselves. But in order to do something bad, you actually have to have a bad actor behind it. Guns are a tool, just like anything else, that can be used for good or bad depending upon how they are used. They are used safely and non-violently all the time. She doesn’t seem to understand that.

Third, I’m thinking that AOC seems to have missed what Christmas is about herself. There are many things it’s about but it isn’t about being nasty and petty, trying to go after your colleagues because they think differently than you. It’s funny that she’s trying to talk about what Christmas is when the point seems to have flown right over her own head. Funny how Democrats only seem to talk about or care about things Christian when they think it can facilitate their political points. Hint? It doesn’t. And I’m also thinking she doesn’t have the first idea what the Boebert family knows or doesn’t know about the Wise Men.


Fourth, I’m thinking that maybe she shouldn’t be posing as a member of Congress when she doesn’t seem to understand the First or the Second Amendment — part of the Constitution that she’s supposedly sworn to uphold.

Finally, maybe if she was less concerned about being a harpy about her neighbor and more concerned about the actual problems facing Americans, she would admit the reality of the smash and grab robbery surge that she pretends isn’t happening. But she doesn’t want to admit it because that might reflect badly on the policies she supports that are all in favor of letting criminals out on the streets — like no bail laws and reducing the penalty for thefts.



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