New Plan Biden Admin Is Considering Could Force Vaccine on Virtually Every Worker

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

If you thought the Biden Administration intended to stop with just federal employees, federal contractors or businesses with over 100 employees, you haven’t been paying attention.


This is about forcing everyone to toe the line; Whether the government has the legal right to impose this or not, they intend to make you do it.

Fox Business reported that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says it is “seeking comment” about whether businesses with fewer than 100 employees should be subject to the COVID vaccine and testing mandate it is set to impose on businesses with over 100 employees.

“OSHA is confident that employers with 100 or more employees have the administrative capacity to implement the standard’s requirements promptly, but is less confident that smaller employers can do so without undue disruption,” the summary says. “OSHA needs additional time to assess the capacity of smaller employers, and is seeking comment to help the agency make that determination.”

So, they’re clearly aiming to extend it to smaller businesses.

This, even though they previously hadn’t even worked out the legal propriety of Biden’s executive order and their rule pertaining to over 100 employees. With the over 100 employees mandate, the rule would require the vaccine or employees would have to wear masks and be tested weekly. That’s scheduled to take effect on Jan. 4. They’re only coming out with the language for that rule today — and they’re already looking to expand to under 100.


The Department of Labor didn’t respond to Fox News’ inquiry as to what was going on here and why they would be asking for comment in this regard about smaller businesses, according to Fox Business.

If they extend this to businesses below 100 employees, then basically they’re trying to get every working adult to comply. Even if you are able to avoid the jab, they would still then subject you to masking and regular testing — regardless of the rules that your state or business might already have, if they go ahead with such a rule.

The rule would further open the door to other attempts to regulate businesses — and therefore, control — the American people. If this is somehow allowed to be dictated by the federal government, then what comes after this? You’re not talking about what OSHA is generally responsible for — checking for safe conditions. You’re now turning it into the club — used to enforce the politics of the ruling party.

Editor’s note: the headline of this article was edited for clarity after publication.


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