WATCH: Climate Loons Surround Manchin Then Make up Despicable Lie About Him

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

While Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WVV) and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) have stood fast in the breach against some of the insane aspects of the Build Back Better bill, much to the consternation of their progressive colleagues, they’ve also had to withstand being constantly harassed by radical leftists at every turn.


Protesters disrupted a wedding that Sinema was officiating. Manchin has even been hounded on the water by kayakers rowing to his houseboat — his home when he’s in D.C.

These leftists are protesters who don’t seem to have much of a life apart from being professional pests on behalf of their lunacy. They only care about their own opinion — if you disagree, you’re to be hounded or demonized like Manchin. Because in their minds, their wants trump all of yours and his as well. It’s such an immature 12-year-old’s approach to life. Here are the “children,” surrounding Manchin and chanting in his face on the street, shouting “We want to live!”

Another angle:

This is a very dangerous situation with these radicals all around him. One of them gets right in his face with her phone, getting far too close. She trips over herself but Manchin is such a gentleman, his first thought is to help her up and ask if she’s okay, while her compatriots aren’t concerned in the least and just keep on shouting. That says a lot.


Manchin escapes into the parking structure. Or so it would seem. Except they then follow him into the garage and surround his car, trying to prevent him from leaving.

Security has to clear them away so Manchin can leave.

Then they lie their heads off, accusing him of trying to run them over, as their fellow leftists in the BLM have often done in the past in such situations. They’re stalking him and blocking him, but they play the poor aggrieved victims.

They’re not trying to convince him, they’re trying to make him hurt and to make it so other politicians don’t take the same stance when they see what happens to him. That’s what’s going on here. It’s to try to make him a pariah.


But instead, what they don’t understand is they’re just building him up with this, not only in his home state but nationally. After the election, he’s standing more emboldened than ever, including saying that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) putting paid leave back in the Build Back Better wasn’t going to fly and telling CNN that America was a “center-right” country.

I’m not sure exactly where this is if it’s in D.C. proper.

But here’s the D.C. stalking law.

Seems to me like they’ve allegedly fulfilled the major elements of the offense. It’s more than time to start suffering legal consequences for their actions.


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