The Lowest of the Low This Week in Liberal Media Hate Against Sinema

What will the media do to try to destroy you if you don’t go along with the agenda that they want to push?

We saw a big example of that with President Donald Trump, how they did everything they could to try to destroy him because they knew he was going to stand in the way of the Democratic agenda.


It isn’t just Trump, however, although he certainly has received more attacks than anyone in recent memory from Democrats and media. Remember even milquetoast Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), when he ran for president, was described by them as someone who abused dogs and whose actions led to a cancer patient dying. Of course, they seem to paint every Republican who runs for president as a Nazi, just by Democratic definition.

But it isn’t just Republicans leftists will try to take down. Again, it’s anyone who stands in their way.

Take Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ). She has a lot of objections to Joe Biden’s social spending bill including the price tag and some of the tax provisions within it.

Are folks on the left arguing with her on the merits, trying to argue her out of her positions? No, they’re attacking her, accusing her, of being in the pocket of lobbyists. Activists are following her and trying to harass her wherever she goes.

The media is also leveling ridiculous personal stories about her, even criticizing what she wears while taking her turn presiding in the Senate. Now, we can argue whether it’s right or wrong to wear denim in the Senate, but we know the only reason they’re attacking her over it is because they view her as standing in their way. However, implying wearing denim is racist is utterly nonsensical.


But trust me, that wasn’t even the lowest of the low in the Sinema hate so far for the week, although that was definitely low.

No, I’m thinking the award for the lowest of the week so far has to be an NBC op-ed from Lux Alptraum titled, “Is Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema bad for bisexual Americans?”

Now, when Sinema first came in, the left was trumpeting her with their identity politics shtick as a “triumph of bisexual representation” as Alptraum said. What does that even mean? Are all bisexuals supposed to act a certain way or have particular political philosophy?

But now it’s all gone wrong, according to Alptraum, who is bisexual, because Sinema is feeding “stereotypes” of bisexuals.

Instead of a brash, bisexual icon willing and able to stand up to the far right, she’s now seen as an unreliable centrist, a self-absorbed Democratic turncoat more fixated on getting attention and lining her own pockets than uplifting her community. No longer a bi icon, she’s now held up as a cautionary tale about the limits of representation. [….]

Bi women are constantly told we’re untrustworthy, that our attraction to multiple genders means we’re more likely to cheat. We’re called greedy for finding more than one gender attractive, ‘confusing’ for liking more than one gender and self-absorbed because apparently our brains are unable to think about much beyond our own sexual gratification. Within the LGBTQ community, bisexuals can be viewed as fair-weather members at best — likely to bail the second we stop having fun. Media outlets might not be talking about Sinema’s sex life, but her political reputation as greedy, unreliable and attention-seeking echoes many of the stereotypes my community has been dealing with for years.


Now, maybe it’s just me but I never heard about these alleged stereotypes. Indeed, it seems to me that Sinema is actually acting very courageously sticking to principle in the face of a massive effort to run her under and smear her. That hardly fits any of those stereotypes.

But who said Sinema has to fit into anyone’s preconceived notion of what a bisexual is or thinks? Isn’t that the point of not having stereotypes and not pre-judging and putting people in boxes? That in America we are free to think and believe as we choose? At least allegedly? Yet Alptraum wants to shove her into a box and demand that she have a certain way of thinking about things because she is bisexual?

But Democrats can’t live without identity politics and without those boxes.

Maybe if you don’t want to feed “stereotypes,” then don’t try to squeeze people into them just because you disagree with their political stance?

Bottom line is that the only reason the knives are coming out here is because she’s standing in the way of the Agenda. Let’s just be honest — if she were not, they would be cooing over her brave choice of wearing denim in the Senate and talking about how edgy she was.


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