Terry McAuliffe Actually Posts Pics of Himself Campaigning in Churches

We’ve been covering how Democrats have been completely ignoring the law — the Johnson Amendment pertaining to churches not being allowed to campaign for a particular candidate.


There was a video sent around to 300 black churches in Virginia to be shown to parishioners between now and Nov. 2 of Kamala Harris promoting the candidacy of Terry McAuliffe for governor. But that wasn’t all. Other Democrats were deployed to go to churches in person including Stacey Abrams, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and Terry McAuliffe himself.

Not only didn’t they seem at all concerned about flouting the law, they even announced what they were doing and it was reported they would be leading people “straight from the pews to the polls” to vote. If that isn’t a violation of that law, I’m not sure what is when the promotion is this explicit.

But in case all that wasn’t enough, we have just a bit more: Terry McAuliffe’s “the churches I just named for the IRS” tour today.


Nice mask wearing there, too.

Surely looks like campaigning right from the pulpit to me:

Now not only is this illegal and inappropriate, it’s also just tacky to force your congregants to have to listen to these politicians. Notice no place where he went looked packed and I’m guessing that may be a reason why. Plus, if anyone really thinks that McAuliffe and Kamala Harris are particularly appealing to black voters I’m thinking they may want to reconsider that thought. But they obviously didn’t care about placing the churches in any kind of legal trouble. All they care about is power and getting McAuliffe elected.


While CNN and some other media reported on the Kamala video going to the churches, they didn’t report on the illegality of the action of promoting McAuliffe. Funny how they left out that very important piece of information.

So will anything be done about this, especially when it’s so blatant? Or will the magic “D” for Democrats mean nothing is done?



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