Seattle Police Officers Have a Very Clear Message for Mayor Jenny Durkan Against the Mandate

AP Photo/Aron Ranen

As we previously reported, Washington state employees were required to show proof of vaccination by today.

This is costing the state people who had dedicated a lot of their lives to the service of others, like a Washington state trooper whose final video “sign-off” went viral before he was separated from his job after 22 years.


Seattle is acting in accordance with the state’s deadline and requiring people like police to be vaccinated by today. The city is already stretched thin, after losing officers following the radical leftist protests over the past year and defund efforts.

Mayor Jenny Durkan is refusing to provide any alternatives like masking and regular testing which the Seattle Police Officers Guild suggested.

From Daily Wire:

“For some reason, this mayor is refusing that, which I think is unreasonable and is void of common sense,” union leader Mike Solan said.

“Crime is surging in this city. Our community is demanding more police officers to answer the 911 calls, and the fact we’ve already lost close to 350 police officers because of the politicians’ political betrayal,” Solan said.

Officers had already had enough. “The environment has been pretty toxic and negative,” an unnamed officer told Fox 13 News. “Not just from this whole mandate, but prior to that as well. I’m not sure this would be a good place for me to work long-term for my mental health. It has been very stressful.”


The city officers wouldn’t be fired immediately but will be provided the opportunity for a “Loudermill hearing” to state why they are failing to comply before they are terminated.

As of last night, this reportedly involves about six percent of the department. Durkan offered a “bribe” of time off and $1,750 for “front line workers” but their Police Officers Guild didn’t agree.

Some plan to take time off to consider, others are just going to leave. But some of the officers had a very visible and clear message for Jenny Durkan – Gadsden flags hanging out their windows.

We’ve seen that before with other mandate protests including when hundreds came out this weekend to protest the Boeing mandate in Everett, Washington as well as flying from a pilot’s window of Southwest plane allegedly against their mandates.


You would think that Durkan would have learned her lesson after the disastrous way in which she treated the police and acceded to the craziness of BLM, resulting in people getting murdered and having a section of her city under siege for months with the autonomous zone. But she didn’t and she’s willing to endanger the citizens yet again with this measure. If they lose more officers, they are going to be in deep trouble.


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