Marines Departing Kabul Airport Were Forced to Clean up the Graffiti Insults They Left for Taliban

AP Photo/Rahmat Gul

Watching the Senate Armed Service Committee hearings in which the Biden Administration’s defense leadership was grilled would infuriate anyone, as the hearings put the incompetent people we have in the various positions on full display and highlighted how much they failed when it comes to the Afghanistan “withdrawal” debacle.


Part of the problem is that the administration’s focus was completely wrong. They weren’t concentrating on what should have been the primary focus — the safety of Americans and our Afghan allies. They were focused on the arbitrary deadline of getting out when Biden told them to get out, whether it made sense or not, and not antagonizing the Taliban in the process.

How twisted were the administration’s decisions? A new story from a U.S. Marine about a move by the U.S. military leadership at the Kabul airport that’s hard to believe.

Departing U.S. service members were told to destroy equipment at the Kabul airport, so as not to leave things behind of which the Taliban might make use. They smashed electronics, shattered windows, and stripped armored vehicles to render them useless to the Taliban. They had also strewn trash around the airport to interfere in any takeover by the Taliban.

“Many said they found that experience cathartic, particularly in the wake of the August 26 ISIS-K suicide bomb at one of the airport’s gates, the Abbey Gate, that killed 170 Afghans and 13 US service personnel,” according to the Daily Mail.


That wasn’t hard to believe. But, what happened next is.

Marines who were still angry about the suicide bombing attack which killed 13 U.S. service members and at least 170 Afghan civilians also left some graffiti messages for the terrorists. There was “F**K ISIS + Taliban” graffiti, including what looked like a penis painted in purple. Another message showed several troop members in front of a wall painted with “F**K ISIS, AFG 2021.” There was also a picture of service members holding a sign, which read: “F**k the Taliban.”

But the top brass ordered the Marines to clean off the messages and clean up the debris before they departed the airport.

“My boys had to go….pick up every last piece of….trash for who? The Taliban?” said a Marine to The Washington Post. “It was a slap in the face to us,” he said.

Marine spokesperson Lt. Jack Coppola claimed the trash had to be picked up so as not to interfere with flights but didn’t explain why they made Marines erase the graffiti.


Someone’s going to have to help me with this one, but what kind of sense does this make? What — as the Marine says — you want them to clean things up for the Taliban? Seriously? Is this more of the extension of being “woke?”

When you’re in the middle of such a hurried withdrawal, you make them wash this stuff off? What’s the point of that? They should see the messages.

Unless you’re more concerned that our enemies might be offended. Because that did seem one of the main concerns of Joe Biden — not ticking off the Taliban. The leadership can’t send the service members to go out and get the Americans and the SIVs — but they can have them clean off graffiti that is well-deserved? Such an incredibly ridiculous way of thinking.



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