Colbert's Cringeworthy Vaccine Video Shows Why Gutfeld Is Beating Him in Ratings

Colbert's Cringeworthy Vaccine Video Shows Why Gutfeld Is Beating Him in Ratings
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Stephen Colbert has created a video to convince people to get vaccinated, if they haven’t been already. And I’m sure that it will do the trick, because it’s such a reasoned pitch.

Well, no, not really.

I give you fair warning.

This video from Colbert may be hazardous to your stomach’s ability to hold down your last meal. But, if you want to see a video that’s guaranteed to turn off anyone who may be vaccine hesitant from ever getting a vaccine, here it is.

Is there anyone that would convince? Didn’t anyone tell him when he was putting this together: “Hey, Stephen, yikes”? Someone needs to do an intervention with Colbert and re-introduce him to what comedy is supposed to be about.

When comedy becomes only about propaganda to push a political point, it often stops being funny.

That’s what’s happened to Colbert. Once upon a time, he was actually funny. But now he and Jimmy Kimmel seem to spend more time pushing Democratic talking points then concentrating on being humorous. They’re always pushing what it is that you ‘should’ believe and think. So it all comes off forced and cringeworthy, like this. And it doesn’t sit well with Americans who, historically, are an independent, freedom-loving lot and who don’t like being told what to do.

That’s one of the reasons that Colbert is now being beaten by Fox’s Greg Gutfeld in the ratings. Gutfeld shows how you can do political comedy if the focus is on being funny, which he generally is, not just on pushing a political talking point. Gutfeld had been regularly beating Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon but finally passed Colbert in the ratings, as my colleague Becca Lower shared late last month. Gutfeld is also always trouncing CNN’s Don Lemon, who overlaps in the time period.

Last Wednesday, the liberal talk show folks got together to have a “climate night” and push activism. Gutfeld beat them all in the ratings.

This effort on the left, from Joe Biden himself as well as the liberal talk show hosts, to push the vaccine by demeaning the unvaccinated hasn’t really worked out well either. But that stood to reason. The more you push and demean people — the less you actually promote your argument in a reasoned way — the more you will cause people to back off.

As we previously reported, since Biden kicked off the demeaning, the rate of vaccination has actually slowed. If the reason for some people is failure to trust the government, then the government mandating and criticizing people is exactly the wrong approach to take. It reinforces that feeling.

Here’s a tip for Colbert that I’m sure he won’t take: put aside the propaganda and try to find your comedic soul again. If you still have it anywhere in there and haven’t sold it away. Look at Gutfeld to see what it’s like to actually be free and funny.

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